Woody’s Special Prize

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Manchester United’s transfer policy has been likened to an episode of Bullseye

Author: Bricki

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Digital television channels are not just the home of Alan Partridge’s war based game show ‘Skirmish’ on UK Conquest but it also offers a delight of old television game shows (they have to fill the air time somehow) One of the ‘great’ shows that seems to be on endless repeat is the 80′s darts based game show ‘Bullseye’. For the young or anyone who had better things to do, the premise behind the show was a ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’ darts player competing to win prizes. These prizes were top of the range and included things such as speedboats, microwaves and video cassette recorders.

What relevance does this have to United I hear you ask?

Read on

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Win a signed copy of Rio Ferdinand’s new book

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Rio Ferdinand My decade as a red
Win a signed copy of Rio Ferdinand’s new book “My decade as a Red”

We are very pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win a signed copy of Rio Ferdinand’s new book “My decade as a Red”. Ferdinand is now in his 11th season at Manchester United since he signed from Leeds back in the summer of 2002 following an extremely impressive World Cup performance. He has been a pivotal part of the Manchester United backline for well over a decade now and continues to impress, whilst also offering advise to youngsters Smalling and Jones.

Read on to find out how to win a signed copy of his book.

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The Night Tom Hanks Played In United’s Midfield

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Author: Bricki

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In the great moments we all remember where we were. On the night of the FA Cup Semi win over Arsenal, this is where i ended up…

The 98/99 season saw me in fifth year at high school and preparing to take my GCSEs, determining my future. I had watched the original tie at home and despite Keane’s dubiously disallowed goal i still expected us to win. Only after the final whistle and confirmation of the replay date did i realise there would be a slight problem.

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The day Stretford-end.com graced Old Trafford

Posted on June 03, 2013  by Stretford-end  in Competition, Fun, Legends, Man United, Players   2 Comments »
The home side pose for a photo alongside Manchester United legends Andy Cole & Denis Irwin

Although extremely rare, there are opportunities that come along in your life that simply do not make sense. In early May I was offered the chance to run a competition for a lucky Stretford-end.com reader to play at Old Trafford alongside some of the Manchester United legends squad. Our blog was also offered the chance to send two representatives along to participate in the match and a training session run by coaches who teach the academy. Read on to see some of our photos of Denis Irwin, Gary Neville, Dion Dublin and Andy Cole.

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Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck up against Yorke and Cole

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Wayne Rooney is blindfolded as takes on Yorke and Cole along with Danny Welbeck and Hernandez

It seems an age ago. That goal against Barcelona in the Nou Camp in the ridiculously entertaining 3-3 draw. Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were pivotal in Manchester United’s treble triumph, but that goal looked as if the pair had eyes in the back of their head. Fast forward fourteen and a half years and the lads are demonstrating their telepathic abilities once more as they take on Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck in this great football challenge video.

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Sir Alex – United’s Own Vince McMahon

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Is Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United’s very own Vince McMahon?

Author: Bricki

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With the genuine rough and tumble of football in the 60s/70s giving way to the sniper like diving and slightest touch shrieking of football these days, it seems that football has followed a similar path to ‘professional’ wrestling.

In the glory days what you saw out on the pitch seemed genuine enough. Players such as Norman Hunter, Nobby Stiles and Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris dished out challenges that hurt. The enforcers of the game were just that, they distributed punishment that hurt. The same could be said of the wrestling world when it still operated in its ‘regional’ homes rather than the one or two giant companies. People such as the Von Erichs, Four Horseman and the quintessential Ric Flair wrestled with intensity and style you could believe hurt the unfortunate souls that entered their ring.

The man who took this industry and changed it forever was Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He realised that by bringing the different regions under one umbrella and basically eliminating competition would ensure his long term success. As the money came into the industry through better media exposure and more disposable income for customers, he exploited this and created a dynasty it is difficult to see being overthrown or made irrelevant in the future.

Sound familiar at all?

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Paul Scholes, debut goals & Full Kit W*nkers: United Shorts

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United shorts
Paul Scholes, debut goals and full kit w*ankers all discussed within United shorts this week.

Welcome to the latest edition of United shorts, a blog post that accumulates a number of ‘short’ United related stories or, things that we find amusing/interesting that relates to the bizarre world of football. From facts and info to the stupid to the funny, hopefully we’ll give you five minutes of entertainment from your boring job.

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Competition: Win an Adidas Champions League Football

Posted on September 24, 2012  by Stretford-end  in Competition, Fun, Man United   3 Comments »

Win a Champions League Football with Gala Casino brought to you by The Stretty Rant

We’re very luck to have teamed up with Gala Casino to offer our readers the chance to win a 2012 Adidas Champions League football. All you have to do is answer the question below and drop us an email with your entry. Closing date is Monday 1st October at 5pm – the winner will be announced the next day. Check out Gala Casino and play football rules slots if you can.

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Neymar, Berbatov & Robin van Persie: United Shorts

Posted on September 06, 2012  by Stretford-end  in Fun, Man United, United Shorts   4 Comments »

United shorts

Neymar, Dimitar Berbabtov and that Robin van Persie penalty all discussed in United shorts

Author: Stretford_End

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Having scoured the Internet all lunch for an image Bryan Robson in a pair of tight fitting Manchester United shorts, I’m very pleased to present this brand new feature entitled United shorts. The blog will run every Thursday afternoon and host a collection of stories from the previous week, whether they be transfer related, funny or newsworthy. Robbo’s budgie smugglers will remain consistent throughout.

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Eden Hazard & Twitter a problem

Posted on June 01, 2012  by Stretford-end  in Chelsea, Fun, Man United, Transfer Speculation, Transfer Targets   2 Comments »

Eden Hazard twitter mock up

“Where did it all go wrong?” George Best was once asked by a waiter delivering champagne to his hotel room, whilst standing next to Miss World (on a bed) and a big pile of money. You may think that is a ludicrous question to ask one of Manchester United’s most gifted footballers of all time, but – if you think about it – his mind was elsewhere and not on football and that glorious God given talent he had previously showcased to the world. Ok, so Miss World involved may have made the story up (no doubt George Best was in a number of those situations over the years!), but the moral of the story is that even though you’ve obtained something that you perceive to be superior to what you once had, it isn’t always that way. Take Mr Eden Hazard earlier in the week and his Twitter announcement that he would be signing for the European Champions. Twenty odd years ago you’d be amazed to think that you could stalk, sorry I mean follow, your favourite footballers via a computer/phone app – but, if you think about it, its all a bit naff really.

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