www.stretford-end.com was created in November 2006 by two lads who have a passion for Manchester United. Since the launch of the website nearly ten years ago, the website has dropped the forum to move towards an informative blog setup, which caters for up to date statistics for every Manchester United fixture in the current season. To find out a little more about the team, select one of the bloggers below (will also be including profiles on guest bloggers in the near future):

Guest Bloggers

To get in touch – drop us a line here: strettyrant@googlemail.com

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2 responses to “About”

  1. Colin Higgs says:

    M.U.F.C. – bred, born and die, my veins run M.U.F.C. Blood red forever.
    Stretford End forever.
    M.U.F.C. will never die, stuff shitty city.

  2. Colin Higgs says:

    Proud to be M.U.F.C. fan 47yrs.
    Stretford End all my life.
    What a football club, best in the land, the more we win, the more we p**s the rest off, lol..:-)

    “If you kill yourself, its suicide,
    If you kill someone, its homicide,
    If you dont win any trophies for 23yrs,
    its Merseyside” lol…hahaha…

    Regards to all Col. 🙂

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