www.stretford-end.com was created in November 2006 by two lads who have a passion for Manchester United. Since the launch of the website six years ago, the website has been expanded to offer a forum, blog and also up to date statistics for every Manchester United fixture in the current season, including player statistics. To find out a little more about the team, select one of the bloggers below (will also be including profiles on guest bloggers in the near future):

Guest Bloggers

To get in touch – drop us a line here: strettyrant@googlemail.com

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Colin Higgs says:

    M.U.F.C. – bred, born and die, my veins run M.U.F.C. Blood red forever.
    Stretford End forever.
    M.U.F.C. will never die, stuff shitty city.

  2. Colin Higgs says:

    Proud to be M.U.F.C. fan 47yrs.
    Stretford End all my life.
    What a football club, best in the land, the more we win, the more we p**s the rest off, lol..:-)

    “If you kill yourself, its suicide,
    If you kill someone, its homicide,
    If you dont win any trophies for 23yrs,
    its Merseyside” lol…hahaha…

    Regards to all Col. :-)

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