Will Marouane Fellaini leave Manchester United for Napoli?

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Marouane Fellaini
Marouane Fellaini joined Manchester United from Everton for £27.5m last season

Alas. It might be that time. The time to say a big farewell to the Marouane Fellaini. He may indeed possess a hairstyle that belongs to a middle aged American lady in the late 1970s, but his time at Old Trafford is a very disappointing one. His ridiculously inflated £27.5 million transfer fee, which of course – was even more laughable when you heard the news that a month earlier, he could have been picked up for four million less – didn’t help matters. But former manager David Moyes and Edward Woodward waited until the the eleventh hour to unveil this tall, dark and – quite clumsy – new signing. Yes, Fellaini’s arrival at the club was met with the same groans of dissatisfaction that had met Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor a few months earlier.

Will Marouane Fellaini head to Naples? Or will the Belgian be given another crack at Old Trafford and show his class?

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World Cup round up: Any players heading to Manchester United?

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Brazil v Chile: Round of 16 - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Arturo Vidal has been linked with a move to Manchester United from Juventus since the World Cup

Alas, it is all over. One of the best World Cup Finals in living memory has finally ended. England were humbled, Holland were brilliant and Brazil’s collapse was astounding. We saw Miroslav Klose overtake Ronaldo as the tournaments all top top goal scorer with sixteen goals, we witnessed one of the great volleys of all time, which was then followed by an even better one from James Rodriguez of Colombia, and of course we saw Manchester United’s new manager in action with Holland and he was a penalty kick, or two, away from the World Cup final.

So, which players impressed you? Who failed to deliver? Most importantly, can you see any of these stars at Manchester United next season? Here we take a look at some of the star performers and comment on the transfer rumours linking them with the club.

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Will a World Cup star be heading to Manchester United this summer?

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Will Manchester United sign a top performer from the World Cup in Brazil?

Ah yes, it is that time again. The time to get put up that heavily branded ASDA World Cup wall chart, to reel off some of the best footballing cliques down the pub – including trying to fit in “dark horses”, “group of death” and “goalkeepers moaning about the new ball” into once sentence – and of course, the hype surround a good performance from an unlikely player. Toto Schillaci came from nowhere, whilst lanky Kennet Andersson helped Sweden to five goals en route to the semi-finals and of course, Liverpool bought that loveable character El Hadji Diouf based upon his performance in 2002.

So, how likely are Manchester United to purchase a player following the World Cup? Which players have already been linked to an Old Trafford move and where do United need to strengthen?

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Juan Mata is “the best classic number ten in world football”

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Juan Mata Spain

With Juan Mata’s transfer from Chelsea on the verge of being completed, we’ve once again turned to Joe from over at Plains of Almeria for a bit of insight…

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Tom Cleverley’s a victim of Manchester United’s lack of transfer activity

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Tom Cleverley
Can Tom Cleverley step up from a good squad player to an important member of the first team

Author: Doron

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This summer there has been a very public stance by United on central midfielders. David Moyes has not only made it clear that he’d like to sign at least one, probably two players in that area but United have decided to be open about the pursuits of Fabregas and Fellaini, whilst links to other CMs continue to swirl. For Tom Cleverley, competition would not only be positive, but it’s necessary.

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Three factors that have contributed to the Wayne Rooney saga

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It is still unclear as to whether or not Wayne Rooney will be at Manchester United this season

Author: Doron

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You’d have already no doubt read the incredibly fair and excellently written piece about Wayne Rooney by @herzogschild on this blog a few days ago. It concludes that we will never quite know why we’ve reached this point and that it is indeed incredibly sad that such a talented footballer who should have been happy to remain at United for life has such an unclear future ahead of him.

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Wayne Rooney: a regrettable situation for club and player

Posted on August 02, 2013  by Herzogs Child  in Herzog's Child, Man United, Players, Transfer Speculation   18 Comments »

Author: Herzog’s Child

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On October 20th, 2010, a gang of 40 or so local Manchester United supporters turned up outside Wayne Rooney’s home in Prestbury, Cheshire. Most wore black hooded jackets, some wore balaclavas. It was a threatening mob and one that carried an unambiguous message: join City and there will be consequences. Rooney had just recently handed in a transfer request. Media reports had suggested that his agent, Paul Stretford, had flirted with Manchester City executives in a bid to secure a cross-town move for the want-away striker. A similar group had turned up at Rio Ferdinand’s house five years previously. The defender had reached a stalemate in negotiations with United over a new contract. He had been seen in a London restaurant with then Chelsea Chief Executive Peter Kenyon, prompting speculation that he wanted out. As with Rooney, the supporters wanted answers. Upon seeing them, Ferdinand came out and addressed the issue. Rooney stayed indoors and rang the police. Both players eventually stayed. It is unlikely that the men outside their gated homes influenced their decisions. The new contracts and higher wages that followed their stalling may have. Rio Ferdinand will play his testimonial match at Old Trafford on Friday. Rooney is likely to be gone by the end of the month, twelve months from his own testimonial year. He wants out, again, and it appears this time really will be the end. No mob will arrive to persuade him to stay. Many now would drive him away.

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Juan Mata exchange for Wayne Rooney is fiction, isn’t it?

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Juan Mata has been linked in a player exchange move with Wayne Rooney
Juan Mata has been linked with a move to Manchester United in exchange for Wayne Rooney

No sooner had the fax, email or carrier pigeon (whatever clubs use to send a transfer deal across these days) been discussed with the FC Barcelona board over the potential sale of Cesc Fabregas, another talented Spaniard popped into the thoughts of United fans. The extremely gifted and quick footed Juan Mata was the subject of immense excitement this morning following the news that Chelsea had indeed bid £10million,and a player, for want away forward Wayne Rooney.

The players suggested for exchange were Juan Mata and some other bloke. United fans were laughing at the bid. Had Jose Mourinho continued his ‘egg’ madness since he left these shores in 2007? £10million and Juan Mata for Rooney? Amongst all the chaos and gossip, one thing was clear – United had rejected the bid out of hand, which would make any United fan angry and confused. Or, were United rejecting a different bid from Chelsea?

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The transfer of Mats Daehli makes no sense for club or player

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Mats Daehli transfer makes no sense for Manchester United or player

Author: Doron

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In football, the logical seems to rarely happen. That United will produce good young players via the club’s academy has been a pretty safe exception to that rule until recent years. Fans will have watched players such as Eikrem, Morrison and Pogba stand out and yet before they’ve made any kind of mark on the first team, they’re off elsewhere for various reasons. That it’s happened again this summer with Mats Daehli is much more of a shock though.

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Wayne Rooney leaving: better for him or United?

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Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney’s future at Manchester United is uncertain as he continues to be linked to a move away

Sometimes its best to go your separate ways. You’ve achieved as much as you can together and its best to depart on amicable terms. Nope, its not what tons of couples up and down the country are thinking – it is the sensitive guff that usually accompanies the opening paragraph of a summer transfer story. Wayne Rooney has been one of Manchester United’s greatest players in history. He has netted more goals than George Best, Ruud van Nistelrooy & Dennis Viollet and is closing in on Jack Rowley – but his future is uncertain at Manchester United.

It is nine seasons since an eighteen year old Evertonian walked through the Old Trafford doors, fresh from Euro 2004, to sign for the club. Will United’s troubled number ten pack up his things and leave for pastures new? Or will the new gaffer be able to turn Rooney’s fortunes around?

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