Manchester United Sack Cristiano Ronaldo

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There were rumours about this possibility happening, but now everything is official, maybe even quicker than anyone expected. Manchester United have sacked Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese superstar is now a free agent, available to look for other clubs. The Red Devils have decided to part ways with Ronaldo following his explosive interview last week, in which the player insulted in one way or another almost everyone currently associated with the club.

Man United announced that Ronaldo is to leave the club by mutual agreement, with immediate effect. However, a further inspection into this situation clearly shows this was more than just a mutual agreement. Due to the fact United will not give any kind of pay out to Ronaldo, it clearly shows this was the club sacking him due to the breach of contract. If that was not the case, then Cristiano would have definitely expected to be paid off for the remainder of his contract.

However, the Portuguese ‘lost’ those 16 million pounds he was set to receive if he was to fulfil his contract at Old Trafford. In their statement, United thanked Ronaldo for his immense contribution across two spells, scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances, and wished him and his family well for the future.

Ten Hag Handled The Situation

With Ronaldo now officially gone, it has to be said that it seems Erik Ten Hag has handled the Ronaldo situation really well. It is tough to say what was really happening behind the scenes, but judging on everything we had the chance to see in public or hear from various reports, Ten Hag has done a good job in stamping his authority at the club and he will probably be even more respected among the players now. It was never an easy job to try and keep Ronaldo happy while he was not performing well, which led to him not starting most of the matches this season.

Ten Hag realised that massaging Ronaldo’s ego would not improve the team on the pitch and he was brave enough to keep him on the bench and put out a team he believed in. This led to United’s improved performances, which increased Cristiano’s dissatisfaction before it spilled out in a shocking interview. From now on, United will be without their biggest star, but also without all the negative attention he was bringing this season.

What Next For Ronaldo?

It will be interesting to see where will Cristiano Ronaldo go from here. With the World Cup in full swing, he will be focused on bringing success to Portugal, but as soon as the tournament is over, former Real Madrid man will have enough time to decide on his next move. Ronaldo will not have to wait for the January transfer window to make a move, but it remains to be seen which teams will want him in their team. A journalist from Spanish Marca reported already that Ronaldo is torn between Newcastle United and Saudi Arabian clubs. But then again, the Newcastle option is unrealistic as well, due to recent words from Eddie Howe, who stated the Magpies are focused only on long-term growth, as he already has an ageing squad. Time will tell us where Cristiano goes from this debacle.

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  1. The headline should read that after months of demanding his release, Manchester United finally gives Ronaldo what he asked for.
    The guy has been trying to get away from you for months.

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