Juan Mata is “the best classic number ten in world football”

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Juan Mata Spain

With Juan Mata’s transfer from Chelsea on the verge of being completed, we’ve once again turned to Joe from over at Plains of Almeria for a bit of insight…

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Anderson leaves Manchester United for Fiorentina

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Sir Alex wants Anderson to curb his enthusiasm
Anderson’s career at Old Trafford was always hindered by injury, lack of fitness and off field problems

“Come in number 8, your time is up”. No doubt if number 8 did indeed stand up to look around at the park keeper, the boat would capsize and our former Brazilian pigeon chested midfielder would plunge into the lake. Yes, Anderson is finally moving on to pastures new, with Fiorentina securing the signature of a player who promised so much, but delivered very little in his six and a half years at Old Trafford.

The summer of 2007 seems a distant memory, when Reds were overjoyed to find at the end of May that United had acquired the services of two of the hottest young properties in Europe. Winger Nani from Sporting Lisbon and the Brazilian player maker Anderson from Porto. Sir Alex Ferguson would also add Carlos Tevez to an attacking arsenal that already consisted of the maturing Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. United would go onto win the European Cup and retain the Premier League title.

Wayward shooting, over eating, no look passing, long term injuries, ‘shitting on Fabreas’, brasses, samba dancing and that penalty in Moscow. A player who promised so much, who for one reason or another – but just didn’t deliver.

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Tom Cleverley’s a victim of Manchester United’s lack of transfer activity

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Tom Cleverley
Can Tom Cleverley step up from a good squad player to an important member of the first team

Author: Doron

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This summer there has been a very public stance by United on central midfielders. David Moyes has not only made it clear that he’d like to sign at least one, probably two players in that area but United have decided to be open about the pursuits of Fabregas and Fellaini, whilst links to other CMs continue to swirl. For Tom Cleverley, competition would not only be positive, but it’s necessary.

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Juan Mata exchange for Wayne Rooney is fiction, isn’t it?

Posted on July 17, 2013  by Stretford-end  in Chelsea, Man United, Premier League, Transfer Speculation, Transfer Targets   9 Comments »
Juan Mata has been linked in a player exchange move with Wayne Rooney
Juan Mata has been linked with a move to Manchester United in exchange for Wayne Rooney

No sooner had the fax, email or carrier pigeon (whatever clubs use to send a transfer deal across these days) been discussed with the FC Barcelona board over the potential sale of Cesc Fabregas, another talented Spaniard popped into the thoughts of United fans. The extremely gifted and quick footed Juan Mata was the subject of immense excitement this morning following the news that Chelsea had indeed bid £10million,and a player, for want away forward Wayne Rooney.

The players suggested for exchange were Juan Mata and some other bloke. United fans were laughing at the bid. Had Jose Mourinho continued his ‘egg’ madness since he left these shores in 2007? £10million and Juan Mata for Rooney? Amongst all the chaos and gossip, one thing was clear – United had rejected the bid out of hand, which would make any United fan angry and confused. Or, were United rejecting a different bid from Chelsea?

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Manchester United transfer round up: Rooney, Fabregas & Thiago

Posted on July 16, 2013  by Stretford-end  in Arsenal, Man United, Premier League, Transfer Targets   8 Comments »
Cesc Fabregas playing for Spain
Cesc Fabregas is the subject of a £25million bid from Manchester United

Manchester United have had an eventful couple of days. First of all, hattrick hero Thiago decided to scribble out David De Gea’s message and head for Bavaria where he will link up with his old mentor Pep Guardiola. No sooner were reds infuriated with themselves for spending so long on reading up on the fact that he is the son of Mazinho – the man who missed a laughable chance in the 1994 World Cup final – attentions were turned to pizza throwing snotty nose ex Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, a glorious playmaker who would be a wonderful signing, especially for the generous £25million reportedly bid by the English Champions.

Then, there is Wayne Rooney – the man who looks destined to not be playing at Old Trafford this season. Here we take a look at the last couple of days and what the future could potentially hold.

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United to move ‘Heaven and earth’ to get Cesc Fabregas says Irwin

Posted on June 09, 2013  by Stretford-end  in Man United, Players, Quotes, Transfer Speculation, Transfer Targets   6 Comments »
Cesc Fabregas has been linked with a sensational move to Manchester United

Ex Manchester United full back Denis Irwin believes that Cesc Fabregas has ‘zoomed up’ the club’s priority list and feels that the ‘all action midfielder’ is exactly what the champions need next term. It has been widely reported that Arsenal have first option to resign the midfielder, who left for Barcelona two seasons ago. The Spanish midfielder, who has played a part in Spain’s three recent triumphs (at Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012), has found his playing time limited this term but will surely want to stay around a little longer at his boyhood club? The transfer speculation season is sadly upon us!

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Wilfried Zaha transfer to Manchester United agreed

Posted on January 25, 2013  by Stretford-end  in Man United, Players, Transfer Targets   5 Comments »
Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace
Wilfried Zaha signs for Manchester United from Crystal Palace

Manchester United have signed the in demand Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace for a fee thought to be in the region of £15m with at least £5m being made up by clauses and add-ons, subject to a medical. He will spend the remainder of the 2012/13 season on loan at Palace, but will join United in the summer.

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Alexander Buttner joins Man United

Posted on August 21, 2012  by nameonthetrophy  in Doron, Man United, Players, Transfer Speculation, Transfer Targets   5 Comments »

Author: Doron

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United’s latest and probably last foray into the transfer market has been made. Aleander Buttner, a Dutch winger come left back from Vitesse has signed for a little under £4m. He’ll provide competition and back-up to Evra and at 23, there’s time for him to learn and improve whilst at the club.

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Man United sign huge prospect – Angelo Henriquez

Posted on August 17, 2012  by nameonthetrophy  in Doron, Man United, Players, Transfer Speculation, Transfer Targets   11 Comments »

Author: Doron

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You’ll have probably heard of Angelo Henriquez before – United have been linked with him for three years now, ever since he and another young player from Chile, Pedro Salgado, came over for a trial. Having agreed a first option deal for Henriquez, United have taken it up and now signed him permanently amidst supposed interest from Man City. This evening Club Universidad de Chile have confirmed Henriquez will join United later this month for £3.5m. He’ll play one final game for the Chilean side.

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Robin van Persie – the Arsenal perspective

Posted on August 15, 2012  by nameonthetrophy  in Arsenal, Doron, Guest Writer, Man United, Players, Transfer Speculation, Transfer Targets   9 Comments »

With the news that Robin van Persie is set to become a Man United player we’ve brought you the United point of view, so now it’s time to hear from a fan of the team he’s leaving. Peter Wood runs the excellent Arsenal blog, Le Grove, and he’s kindly agreed to answer a few questions. Be sure to follow the Twitter account for the blog if you enjoy the opinions of non-United fans.

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