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11 January 2011 | Stretty Stories

January 10, 2011 KDill_MUFC 2

I have returned from a weekend getaway, which means Stretty Stories is back for another week. While Manchester United was busy getting a fantastic result against Liverpool over the weekend, there was still plenty of […]

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Stretford-End XI: Goalkeeper

December 15, 2010 KDill_MUFC 10

I am pleased to announce we will be hosting a Stretford-End XI for a bit of fun during the holiday season. Each day we will have a poll to determine who you believe the best […]

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28.07.10 Stretty Stories

July 28, 2010 KDill_MUFC 3

The big news today is Javier Hernandez’s impending debut in Houston tonight. Also, David Gill continues to insists funds are available, Blackpool is set to miss out on Cleverly, and Sir Alex has his sights […]

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