Why Manchester United Must Win The FA Cup?

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Manchester United’s horrific form in the Premier League since the end of March is not only making this season one of the worst most of the fans can remember, but it could also make a huge impact on the season that awaits us.

The Red Devils have won mere seven points from their last seven Premier League matches, which resulted in something that not many have thought is possible – United could be out of European competitions in the 2024-25 season. Before the final day of March, United had a good chance to fight for a place in the Champions League next season, mostly because at that point, England were still have a good chance of securing the extra fifth spot through UEFA coefficients. Oh how things have changed since.

Not only England will have “only” four teams in the Champions League next season, but United’s terrible final part of the season has given a chance to other clubs to take their spots. So this is where the FA Cup final plays a big part.

If Manchester City win the cup once again, not only will they have a great chance of winning the domestic double once more, but they will make a big impact on the European qualification places. This will mean the fifth-placed and sixth-placed teams in the league will go to Europa League, while the seventh-placed will compete in the Conference League. United, as things stand with three rounds to go, are in eighth place in the league.

They have allowed Newcastle and Chelsea to overtake them in the last few weeks and are now two points behind the Magpies (with a direct clash in May between the two sides) and 14 goals behind Chelsea, considering the two teams have the same number of points won – 54.

So, despited Man United’s horrific form, they could overtake one of the two teams and finish in seventh place, which would mean Conference League qualification. That is definitely not something the players nor the fans will particularly enjoy, mostly because of the fact it is way too far away from where United want to be at this point.

If that happens, and they lose the FA Cup final, United will be playing their first season without European football in 10 years, which last time happened in 2014-15. In a way, it might not be the worst thing ever for United to play in just three competitions next season, but only if the unthinkable happens and numerous positive changes are made, so that a potentially new manager is able to make a huge turnaround and get this team much, much closer to the very top of the Premier League. Something that Antonio Conte in his heydey managed to do with a Chelsea side which did not have European football to think about.

But this Manchester United team does not have the individual quality that Chelsea side possessed. We should not be getting over ourselves. That is why the Devils must win the FA Cup. But there is nothing we could expect of this team right now, not after that Selhurst Park humiliation.

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