Stop the sick chants against Arsene Wenger

Posted on December 13, 2010  by Stretford-end  in Announcements, Arsenal, Chants & Songs, Man United, Premier League, Press   4 Comments »

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger wishes to support Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments regarding the sick chants aimed at Arsene Wenger.

We acknowledge that our supporters are not the only ones to sing the chants but we have a responsibility as the best supporters in Britain to not sink to this level, and more importantly, show respect. There is a concern that singing the chants are becoming accepted and we as supporters have to make a stand against that and kick it out.

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Remembering Cantona kicking racism out of football

Posted on January 25, 2010  by Stretford-end  in Chants & Songs, Man United, Players, Press   5 Comments »

Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick

15 years ago today Eric Cantona smashed into an abusive racist in the Selhurst Park crowd. Eric was banned for nine months and returned, and scored, in the 2-2 draw with Liverpool the following October. What embarked on Eric’s return was nothing short of unbelievable and was the influence behind the double win in 1996. Today we can take out hat off to the greatest foreign player that ever graced this land. Eric, we salute you and will never ever forget you.

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A message from SEF for Arsenal game

Posted on April 28, 2009  by Stretford-end  in Announcements, Arsenal, Champions League, Chants & Songs, Man United   2 Comments »

Stretford End

Once again United find themselves in the Semi Final of the European Cup, this time up against familiar English opposition Arsenal. As the expectation levels rise its important that WE as supporters do not let our tension get to the players. EACH and EVERY supporter has a role to play on Wednesday night, as we re-create that passionate atmosphere that helped inspire the team to a famous win over Barcelona in last years semi-final.

Whilst it might be your normal matchday routine to arrive in your seats as the game kicks off, UNITED’S PLAYERS, MANAGEMENT and ourselves at SEF are calling on supporters to take their seats that bit early, as WE look to build up the atmosphere into a crescendo of noise as the teams emerge from the tunnel. Supporters are encouraged to take up their seats by 7:30pm in the build up to kick off.

YOU are encouraged to bring along your own flags and scarfs, creating the colour within Old Trafford.

But more importantly, dont forget your singing voices!
Just like last year, SEF have arranged for two mosaics to be in place.

The East Stand will once again be the setting for the BELIEVE mosaic, the inspiration and meaning which carried the team to last years success in Moscow.
The Stretford End will be the setting of a EUROPEAN CUP MONTAGE mosaic.
SEF will have in place 9 TIFO flags, which will be waved on the pitch by SEF members. These flags will be spread out along the two goal lines and along the touchline in front of North Stand

If you could give it a mention it would be much appreciated, wether you use the full messege or not it doesnt matter any mention of getting in early/bringing your own flags/scarves will be great.

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Da Silva chant….will it catch on?

Posted on November 16, 2008  by Stretford-end  in Chants & Songs, Man United   16 Comments »

I’m usually quite good when it comes to picking up chants for new players but was actually unaware of the latest Da Silva chant – for both twins.  Rafael has had a great start to his United career and it won’t be long till we see Fabio bombing down the other side – so it’s only right that the two brothers get a chant.

Flipping through my ‘UWS’, discussing the game with my mate in Samuel Platts – I then heard the following:

Vivaaaa Da Silva
Vivaaaa Da Silva
Running down the pitch
Can’t tell which is which
Vivaaa Da Silva

Will it catch on?  Should there be a more original one?  Also, should I add the chant to our Manchester United chants page?

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