David Moyes, Manchester United and moving forward

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David Moyes, new Manchester United manager
David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Glazer, the players – where are United now?

Author: Karate Jesus

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Given the increasingly desperate form of the team, United are proving to be fertile ground at the moment for journalists, bloggers or, frankly, anyone, be they of a United persuasion or not. So, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Some of this analysis is poor and I want to quickly address one moot point that highlights how confused many people have become; namely that Ferguson being in the stands is casting a dark shadow over Moyes’ attempts to manage the club.

Ferguson, aside from jumping through the publisher hoops following his autobiography, has remained pretty much silent on football related matters since retiring. If the new man can’t handle him being at games, he shouldn’t be in the job and there is no evidence at all that Moyes is effected by this.

It’s a non-issue that is only being seen as one because people keep repeating it. If Ferguson now stopped going to games, that too would become an issue. It’s lazy thinking, considering the multitude of other issues that are currently causing the club problems.

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David Moyes & Manchester United: Where does the blame lie?

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David Moyes has had a tough time at Manchester United since taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson

Author: Bricki

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So this is how Manchester United ends… with a whimper and not with a bang. The last 6 months have conclusively proven that our time in the sun is now over and we must accept mediocrity on a level of Liverpool in the 90s.

That’s the only conclusion we can draw from the difficult six months since Sir Alex walked away and David Moyes was given the chalice isn’t it?

I mean it’s not like Sir Alex bled every last bit of success he could out of a group of players we have been saying for several years has been performing better than the sum of its parts. That a manager with over 25 years experience at the same club, a club he effectively had lead role in redesigning and helped to reform from top to bottom, would know exactly how to drive these players further than they realised they could go.

If a manager with 25 years at one of the most successful and famous teams in the world, gives you advice and tells you can achieve something, it might just make you do something many didn’t think you could.

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The Book Of Red Revelations

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Will Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography heap more pressure on David Moyes?

Author: Bricki

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David Moyes appears to have found the adjustment to managing Manchester United difficult at times so far. This is totally understandable and it would appear the majority of match going United fans have his back right now. Each game has shown loud vocal backing and an understanding that the early days will be difficult.

Is Moyes being dealt a fair hand however by others associated with the club?

In particular the man he succeeded – Sir Alex himself?

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Stretford-end.com 2013/14 Manchester United season preview

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David Moyes will be hoping Robin van Persie will fire Manchester United to another title

Every season its the same. The predictions, the hope of glory in ten months time, the arguing with rivals fans up and down the country as we’re all on a level playing field – yes, the league campaign kicks off on Saturday. Fast forward to the end of each season from the dreamy summers of 92, 98 and 2012 and you will see Fergie’s hands around yet another trophy, will May 2014 see David Moyes’ debut season at Old Trafford end in triumph? Take a look at what we think below in our preview special.

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Phil Neville set to be named new coach by David Moyes

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Phil Neville is set to join David Moyes at Manchester United
Phil Neville has followed David Moyes and is back at Manchester United

Phil Neville is set to be announced as Manchester United’s new coach as David Moyes adds to his back room staff. Neville was bought by David Moyes in the summer of 2005 from Manchester United and made his debut against Sir Alex Ferguson’s men in the August, losing two nil. He made 386 appearances for United since his debut against Wrexham in the FA Cup back in 94/95 season. Neville is in 34th position of all time United appearances.

United’s most decorated player Ryan Giggs, has also been appointed player coach for the new season.

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Sir Alex Ferguson voted greatest manager of all time

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Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson has been voted greatest manager of all time by World Soccer

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been voted the greatest manager of all time by World Soccer. Regular readers of the blog will remember that less than three weeks ago we questioned the negative approach towards Ferguson’s career at United, with Brain Glanville – a well respected and highly insightful journalist – focusing more so on previous European Cup winners and the 99 questions posed to Ferguson by former shareholders of Magnier and McManus. Glanville indeed voted for Ferguson.

The summer issue takes a totally different viewpoint, with the great man just beating Rinus Michels by three votes to win the greatest manager of all time.

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WBA Vs. Manchester United preview: Sir Alex Ferguson’s last game

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Sir Alex Ferguson with the Premier League trophy
Sir Alex Ferguson will take charge of Manchester United for the very last time on Sunday against WBA

So, after 1,500 games – Sir Alex Ferguson is to wave goodbye to English football and Manchester United as he bows out a champion at The Hawthorns on Sunday. United’s legendary manager has won 38 trophies since he took over from Ron Atkinson (who ironically left WBA to join Manchester United) back in November 1986.

Although the title was wrapped out weeks ago and the game, for United fans anyway, will be about saying goodbye to the greatest manager of all time – Sir Alex will want to go out with a win. United beat WBA 2-0 at Old Trafford in the last game of 2012, with an own goal from and a a last minute strike by United top scorer Robin van Persie.

Here we discuss the match preview including a potential line up, team news and a superb view from the opposition. We welcome comments from both sets of fans.

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Sir Alex Ferguson: Reaching 1,500 games is incredible

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Giggs and Scholes
Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes will both retire from Manchester United at the end of the season.

Sir Alex Ferguson today spoke of his feat of reaching 1,500 games at Manchester United and labeled it ‘incredible’. The outgoing United boss, who will be replaced by David Moyes, will take his seat in a Premier League dugout for the very last time against West Bromich Albion on Sunday.

Sir Alex was in fine form as he addressed his final press conference and was greeted with warm applause, a speech and a hair dryer cake! Fergie stated that he was ‘lucky to be here’ for such a long time and looked to United’s future.

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Football Be Food For The Soul

Posted on May 12, 2013  by Bricki  in Legends, Man United, Managers   1 Comment »
Sir Alex Ferguson's speech following his last every home game

Author: Bricki

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Life is an ever decreasing circle. The older we get and the more we experience, the closer we feel to the end. We need things in our lives to lift our spirits and take us to heights that everyday existence just cannot do.

Ever since I’ve been hold enough to understand, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a football mad family and friends. It became all encompassing at one point with me running a team as well as following United.

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Sir Alex Ferguson: Youth, legacy and attacking football

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Sir Alex thinks Glazer protests a distraction, while Giggs eyes his job
Sir Alex Ferguson has won thirteen league titles with Manchester United over the years

In just over a week’s time, the greatest manager that ever sat down in a dug out will retire from the game, leaving a lasting legacy and many, many memories. Sir Alex Ferguson has decided the time as come for him to move on and here we’ve got the account of three Reds who saw the Fergie evolution, the impact he has had on the club and football in general. From the 1990 FA Cup final to Keith Gillespie to Moscow 2008, our contributors have covered it all. We will never ever see the likes again.

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