John Terry is the reason for Rio Ferdinand exclusion

Rio Ferdinand celebrating

Author: Stretford-End

Unless you’re Stevie Wonder, blindfolded in a darkened room – you are simply not excused if you believe Rio Ferdinand’s Euro 2012 England squad exclusion is down to ‘footballing reasons’. Yesterday, following the withdrawal of Gary Cahill from the national squad through injury, new England boss Roy Hodgson called up Liverpool’s Martin Kelly from his stand-by list, (who has played two minutes of International football) rather than the experienced Rio, who is no doubt fuming with the latest snub. This blog is not to discuss what the England squad for Euro 2012 should be, but it will focus on the reason as to why Rio Ferdinand is not there – because of John Terry.

Rio Ferdinand has been one of the finest central defenders this country has ever produced. Criticism in his early career for lapses in concentration and lethargic passing (at times) were valid, but since his move to Manchester United in the summer of 2002 following an exceptional World Cup finals, he became the best centre half in the country. Comfortable on the ball, which allowed him to step into midfield, a good reader of the game and athletically superb. His eight month ban (following missing a drug test), refusal to sign a contract extension and injury problems have of course been big talking points in his ten year career with Manchester United, but his overall performance across the 398 games he has played has been top class. He has played played in 38 games this season (five more than Ashley Young, who is set to start against France in England’s first Euro 2012 fixture on Monday), so why did Hodgson declare that it was purely ‘football reasons’ as to why Ferdinand should not be part of the squad?

Fact of the matter is, its all nonsense. Rio Ferdinand is not part of the Euro 2012 squad because John Terry is. The Chelsea captain is accused of racially abusing Rio’s younger brother Anton in the fixture between QPR and Chelsea on October 23rd last year. This story has obviously been well documented, like the Evra/Suarez one, and will not be discussed in this blog – but one aspect will be, the trial. What buffoon decided to move to trial to after the Euro 2012 championships? Is it because John Terry was too vital to England’s cause that ethics shoot out the window? The trial was initially scheduled for March, but as Terry may be found guilty of racism – I guess it was too ‘risky’ to have him charged before the tournament. This decision was set in February, which was when Fabio Capello also decided to step down as manager following the removal of Terry as England skipper. Harry Redknapp was the favourite for the England job, but fast forward three months and Roy Hodgson is appointed. Was the fact that Hodgson – a well respected and knowledgeable coach – would be more of a ‘yes’ man to certain requests made? Would Redknapp have put up more of a fight for a player he brought through at West Ham? How can one man (John Terry) have so much of a hold over English football? Innocent until proven guilty? Agreed 100% – but why not move it to 2017 when John Terry will have retired so that it doesn’t hinder any football he plays?!

If we do look at the Football side of things, Rio Ferdinand has arguably performed better than Terry this season, despite his injuries. I came across a very interesting chart on Twitter that compares Ferdinand with Terry for the 2011/12 season (via @UtdView). So with these statistics in mind, can there really be any debate over the reasons as to why Ferdinand isn’t going but ‘JT’ is? In the absence of club captain Nemanja Vidic through injury, United needed a leader at the back and Ferdinand has aided the development of Evans, Smalling and Jones no end – can it really be for ‘footballing reasons’?

Again, if this had of been dealt with right away we would have a much clearer understanding of it all. However, if indeed Terry was found guilty, it would have put the FA in a spot of bother as it wouldn’t look good having a ‘racist’ associated with the national side would it? A farce. Absolute farce that he allowed to continue playing whilst the trial continues. Weren’t Woodgate and Bowyer dropped from the England squad whilst the trial was ongoing?

Why do people in this country say stuff like ‘great player, crap bloke’? Franco Baresi was a great player, John Terry is a good player but epitomises everything the English are known for and what has held us back over the years in developing talent. “He’ll run through walls for you” – thats great. We have focused (things are changing but we will not see the benefits for a generation yet) over the years (at all levels) in producing athletes and hoping that the talent will come through as they get older, which is fine for lower leagues, but what about when you get to the top? In my eyes, Rio’s elegant and graceful style is far superior to John Terry’s juggernaut impression? This isn’t about slagging off a player at another club, Marcel Desailly and Ricardo Carvalho were two of the best central defenders I’d seen – but both were eclipsed by Terry. Anyways, you get my feelings on Terry. A good player, but immensely overrated in this country and protected by the powers that be.

So Ferdinand misses out on a European Finals, most probably the last one he’ll ever play in and having missed Euro 2004 through his eight month ban and England not qualifying for Euro 2008, it is a sad end to his International career. What is worse is that he is missing the finals through not fault of his own. He isn’t directly involved in the impending racism case set for July 9th and it is quite clear that Roy Hodgson isn’t being entirely truthful over Ferdinand’s exclusion – so I would argue that he is justified for his ‘What reasons????’ Tweet yesterday and the statement released by one of his advisors. So some concluding points:

  • John Terry is quite clearly the main reason Rio Ferdinand is not present in the England squad
  • Rio Ferdinand has played in more games this season than a number of England players present in the squad
  • Why was the trial moved to after Euro 2012, rather than dealt with before the tournament like any other case would have been?
  • What hold does John Terry have over the FA that he gets so much protection?

“JT. Captain. Leader. Legend” reads the banner at Stamford Bridge. Really?

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31 Comments on John Terry is the reason for Rio Ferdinand exclusion

  1. He’s not going cos he’s sh*te, the goofy looking muppet is done and Hodgson is looking to the future not players who are past their best and spend most of their time trying to disrupt the England teams preparations by acting like a d*ckbrain on Tw*tter. Just look at his actions and those of his w*nkstain agent I wouldn’t want him around the England camp, he should take a long look at himself and start trying to act like a human being, do you see experienced strikers coming out and saying what is an average player like Welbeck doing at the Euros instead of them, he hasn’t played much and has looked like a little boy lost when playing a better team.

  2. IMO it’s both reasons. Let’s be honest Terry is more likely to play with his heart on his sleeve but i don’t believe Terry was good enough even to be picked for the euros, he is a great player but this season has been a bit to inconsistent for my liking. I do think Hodgson chose Kelly because he’s young and we need to start using younger players and stop relying on the aging players. Ok Kelly isn’t experienced but how else is he going to get experience and even though this is a United website be honest Kelly is a tremendously talented defender especially for his age. I hate united but i even have to admit some of your young players are amazing, i may not like them but they are brilliant. Also comparing Ferdinand to Ashley Young what’s that about? they’re 2 different positions i hardly think any one would put Ferdinand on the wing/up front do you? so that’s a really stupid comment. Also bring through younger players needs to be done… look at Germany. average age 26-28 all close to 100 caps. They started out young and now they’re at the top, you can hardly say they’re lower league class can you? My conclusion is that you barely know a thing about football and just want Ferdinand in the team because he is a united player.

  3. “You play something like a game every four days. Rio Ferdinand couldn’t do that.” to quote his manager. If he is saying that, plus by his own high standards a poor season, and it’s time for him to take it like a man (even hiding behind his agent) and stand aside for younger players.

    That’s not to say that Terry should be there either. Apart from the racism claims, which shouldn’t have him anywhere near the England team until it has been resolved, he has had a bad season too.

  4. Lets all be honest, its because he cant play more than one game in a week, which is no good at the Euro’s is it now?

  5. Maybe if rio hadnt got himself involved in his brothers affairs he probably would be there right now even though he doesnt deserve to be as he is past it and quite simply just not good enough anymore. So you reap what you sow, if he had been professional and kept his big mouth shut and also not jumping on the racist band wagon he wouldnt be suffering the repercussions which in my mind he fully deserves. Lets face it the only fans that would want to see him in the side are biased united fans, you can bet your bottom dollar the rest of us dont. Good riddance i say and Rio hope you have learnt your lesson.

  6. What has England won with Rio in the team? yeah that’s it nothing!

    why look to the past when England needs to look at players that will be in around the next World cup.

  7. For those claiming I’m biased. I’d like to think I’m not, I just call what I see. I think Ferdinand has had a good season and surely if there wasn’t a court case involving his brother and John Terry he’d be playing? Or do you guys think differently?

    If you think he is over the hill and done for, that is your opinion and I respect that. No bias here.

    Comparison with Ashley Young is justified. We’re not comparing positions at all. Footballing reasons (so injuries to Ferdinand) was the main reason for the exclusion according to Hodgson – but he played more games that his teammate at United (and more than Steven Gerrard).

    I think a lot of these comments are due to not liking Rio Ferdinand, rather than commenting on him as a player.

  8. I agree that you should look to the future – 100%. But my point is this:

    If there wasn’t an impending court case involving John Terry and Anton Ferdinand – would Rio Ferdinand be in the squad?

    Lets try and have a bit more of a mature debate rather than referring to him as a ‘Goofy twat’ – I don’t particular care what you think of players personally, but its not worth the comment if you just leave a one liner like that.

    Nathan – Think it is unfair to claim “I know nothing about football” simply because your disagree with me and hate United (which you’ve claimed). Bit arrogant don’t you think?

  9. it’s because Shralex said a while ago that Rio, the drug test avoiding cheat, was not up to the number of games – one every 4 days -. He will not be first choice at Manchester’s second club next season either.

  10. Also, just for the record and to highlighting my ‘bias’ – I thought Micah Richards should have been in the squad also – so please do not assume this blog is simply because Rio is a United player. Yes, it is a United blog – which is why I’ve put the argument across.

    Again, more than happy to respond to comments – but lets keep them sensible and about the topic at hand.

  11. Both Terry and Ferdinand are living on past reputations regardless the reasons for the exclusion, both have had plenty of poor performances this season for so called internationals. England are in a sorry state of affairs as the “Golden generation” nears it’s end.

  12. Ignoring the fact that Terry has been in the top 5 defender optima stats for every one of the last 10 years and has been picked as first choice by over a dozen managers over his career, there is one reason and one reason only. Ferdinand should not have got involved in his brothers affairs. He should not have been considering a potential handshake snub and he should have publicly stated his willingness to play with anyone anytime for the sake of the team. Ferdinand put the manager in an either/or position. Unfortunately for him, he is the one who is losing out

  13. Neutral – If you were England manager who would be your defenders in the squad without Terry/Ferdinand?

    Stan – Surely you pick players based upon current form rather than over a 5 year period?

    Thanks for commenting lads.

  14. Terry is not good enough to be a professional footballer, let alone play for England. He was awful during the World Cup. If he has good stats it is because the stats don’t take certain important things into account, and also he has had excellent partners in Chelsea’s central defence. Rio is a class act. If he’s good enough to play for United he’s more than good enough for England.

  15. brilliant poll, visionary. perhaps when you have the results of your amazing research you can share them with scientific communities around the world. Hats off to you, a great use of time.

  16. Come on tinleg dont hide behind statements not backed up by facts. No good enough? 14 managers including 4 champions league and one world cup winner would say they know better. Every one picked him as captain unless they were told not to from above. Marshalled a defence that has kept Messi out on 7 occasions. Played against every world class striker for the last 10 years and his bad games are so rare that people bring them up years later.

    He must be very lucky to have had so many good partners for so long.

    Oh and by the way as we are talking unsubstantiated statements! Exactly what “important things” dont the optima stats take into account?

  17. I know way Harry Redknapp didnt get job and rio play more than JT and didnt sleep around and still you tell me it was for ‘footballing reasons the fa have told him who to take

  18. There are two simple reasons Rio Ferdinand is not going to the Euros and they are quite simply your manager told the England manager not to take him as he could not play the games required in the short spam of time. Let’s face it when England are based in Poland and playing in the Ukraine it’s hardly likely to improve his back when he has to fly back and forth all the time is it? Reason number two is the John Terry affair, let’s face it I doubt Rio is likely to be friends with Terry is he(rightly so in my opinion)? England don’t want a divided camp so it was unlikely both would go and they went for Terry, all I can say is they better keep him under control remember his revolt in 2010 against Capello? I agree that Richards should have gone, Johnson simply can’t defend well (and I’m a Liverpool fan) but he refused to go on the standby list when Hodgson left him out. The one person I feel for is Kelly, he was the next defender on the standby list (rightly or wrongly), so if they were to replace Cahill with a defender then Kelly was next on the list. Finally why was the Terry case put back so long? I believe it’s simple Chelsea and the FA put pressure on the authorities to delay the case, if Terry had been tried, convicted and jailed it would have been impossible for the FA to pick him even if he had served any jail term.

  19. Hodgson claimed versatility is crucial in tournament football which was his main reason for picking jones. The same could be said of Martin Kelly as he began his career as a centre back and has played in both full back positions at Liverpool.

    I would have went for Ryan Shawcross as Cahills replacement. England need to start looking outside the obvious so called big clubs as there is talent available, Grant Holt being another.

  20. The funny thing amongst all the comments is the morons who claim Rio is finished and can’t play more than one game a week.

    He’s just had one of his best seasons for United – he’s finally adjusted his game to compensate for the pace he’s lost and he’s now back playing at an incredibly high and consistent level.

    As for Fergie’s line about Rio being unable to play regularly, well, best to ask Fergie why he played Rio 4 times in a 13 day period in April then… (Rio’s fitness is genuinely fine at the moment – he started 14 of our final 15 games and was rested in one)

  21. Tried convicted and jailed Andrew? It must be JT getting that special treatment again? It’s so serious in the real world that there is a maximum £2,000 fine. Just because you want it, it doesn’t make it a fact.

  22. “As for Fergie’s line about Rio being unable to play regularly, well, best to ask Fergie why he played Rio 4 times in a 13 day period in April then… (Rio’s fitness is genuinely fine at the moment – he started 14 of our final 15 games and was rested in one)”

    I think his manager says he’s unable to play every 4 days. Maybe because he had played him in a number of games over a short period, he knows best. The travelling also has to be taken into account too, they will be travelling very large distances.

    I do agree with Tb when he says Ferguson tries to bring his players international careers to an end early. He is interested in what’s best for Utd, and could care less about National teams.

    Kelly does bring versatility, as well as quality for someone so young, and in tournament football, with the limited number of players, versatility is a plus. We’re are already a player down for the first few games.

  23. Stan, thank you for pointing out Mr Terry cannot go to jail for the alleged incident.I was mistaken and was under the impression he could be jailed. However it’s a £2,500 fine max and I’m sorry but racism is serious, whether that’s Luis Suarez or the Primw Minister, and the ‘alledged words’ used by Mr Terry should be viewed very seriously by all inside football. But the question must be asked if the worst that can happen to Terry is a slap on the wrist and asking him to had over pocket change, is why hasn’t the case been heard by now? As for special treatment we’ll only see if there is an ounce of truth in that is whether the FA charge him with using racist language like they charged Suarez. If they do then they’ve followed thr precedant, if they don’t then questions must be asked why?

  24. Ferdinand and Terry are very different types of central defenders. Your ideal combination would be a run through brick walls player and a more cultured player. Ferdinand is clearly more cultured, Terry is a run through brick walls player. Comparing them is then perhaps a little unreasonable. Although it fair to say that both are past their peak, Ferdinand has adapted his game and had a fantastic season from the point Vidic got injured.

    If you have to compare currently for me Ferdinand is head and shoulders above Terry as he was when they were both in their prime. To be fair to Hodgson the decision on who to take probably had a lot to do with getting the right blend of types of players, although I’m sure potential problems relating to squad harmony were a factor.

    From a United perspective, who cares why Ferdinand has been omitted, he can have a nice rest and get ready for next season.

    From an England perspective, (and its not my perspective as I have very little interest in the national team), with only two players who can seriously be considered to be currently ‘world-class’ does it really matter, they are unlikely to do anything anyway.

  25. – many thanks for your comment and your overall contribution over the season, especially in Talking Points, very insightful and informative.

    With Ferdinand and Terry – the objective of the post was not to compare them as players because, yes I agree, Ferdinand is far more cultured whereas Terry is a destroyer (like Vidic, Stam, Bruce…) – but the point I was trying to put across was that if the Terry racism incident didn’t happen – I think Ferdinand would be in the squad. The debate wasn’t about who should or who shouldn’t be in the squad (and some of these moronic comments are ridiculous – kids), it was that I believe Hodgson would have picked him if the QPR incident didn’t occur last October. Obviously many think that Rio is ‘shit’ and is a ‘twat’ – the latter a great reason to exclude someone!

  26. Terry is a racist and Rio is a drug cheat. Both are unworthy to pull on the shirt.

    However, I think it proves that Hodgson would rather have a racist in the squad than a drug cheat.

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