Robin Van Persie must choose Manchester United over City

Arsenal's Robin Van Persie at the Emirates

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Robin Van Persie should choose Manchester United over Manchester City says ex-red Gary Pallister, suggesting that the Dutchman will get ‘frustrated’ at United’s rivals due to their strength in depth up top. Pallister played for United for nine years after signing from Middlesbrough in 1989 – his £2.3million transfer fee was a record for a defender at the time. Robin Van Persie is currently at the centre of a transfer wrangle between United, City and Juventus – whilst Arsene Wenger and a number of players would obviously like to keep him at Arsenal. The latest odds suggest that Juventus are leading the way for his signature.

Gary Pallister, who won four league titles with Manchester United in 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1997 was quoted as saying the following:

Strikers get frustrated at City and I don’t think Van Persie would be rotated as much at United. Van Persie has proven he is top quality and I don’t think he would have any problem establishing a lethal partnership with Wayne Rooney. So if it’s for footballing reasons, then I think Manchester United would be the ideal place for him.”

Arsenal are reported to be holding out for £25million, however United’s offer was thought to be in the region of £10million. Former United forward Dwight Yorke, also thinks he should head to Manchester – if he wants to win trophies:

“When you do that, you want to win tropies — and the city of Manchester is the place to be if you are going to try to win something. I think it’s a personal choice and nowadays it is about money. But I don’t think you will go wrong by going to either of those two teams in Manchester.”

Robin Van Persie, who scored an impressive thirty league goals last season to win the Premier League’s golden boot, looks likely to be playing his football away from The Emirates next season. However, it is still unsure whether it will be at the Etihad, Stadio Delle Alpi or Old Trafford.

Where do you think Robin Van Persie will end up next season? Do you think he would be a good signing (at £25million), considering his injury record? And what do you make of Pallister’s comments that City’s strike force options would frustrate the Dutchman?

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4 Comments on Robin Van Persie must choose Manchester United over City

  1. As much as I’d like Van Persie to go to United – I think he will end up at Manchester City and will play a lot more games than Gary Pallister thinks.

    Also, if you wish to comment, can we please keep it on topic.

  2. It all very nice for you to discuss RvP as if you have any say in the matter. I’m sure you wouldnt want anyone to say “Your wife would be much better off with me as I have bigger man parts”

    The arrogance of other fans is astounding. He is under contract to Arsenal and they will have the final say, in agreement with RvP as a fine player and intelligent person.

    p.s. I sincerely doubt if he would play for United, who cant tempt him with enough money, and arent any better as a club than where he currently is.

  3. Barndoor Bendtner – What on earth are you going on about? Van Persie has been linked with a move away from Arsenal, I’m not making the story up! Why can’t you just say “I don’t think RVP will leave Arsenal as Wenger will persuade him to stay”. Why not comment on Gary Pallister rather than having a pop at me for posting a story on it!!? Its mental!

    I hope you answer this as I’m astounded by the sensitivity of people on the Internet – ASTOUNDED!

  4. @Barndoor Bendtner – one of the weirdest comments I’ve ever seen on a perfectly harmless blog piece.

    AS for the United being no better than where he currently is (Arsenal) – do yourself a favour and look at the various achievements of the two clubs since RVP has been at Arsenal… (that’s not a dig by the way as I think Arsenal are a great club)

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