The Reasons For Alexis Sanchez To Choose Between Manchester United And Manchester City

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Big news “exploded” on Thursday, as The Guardian revealed the information of Manchester United contacting Arsenal regarding the potential transfer of Alexis Sanchez. Manchester United want to get the Gunners’ star and Henrikh Mkhitaryan could potentially be part of that deal.

The Guardian pointed out that the Reds have offered 20 million pounds and the Armenian playmaker in order to secure a deal with Arsenal. Previously, Manchester City have been heavily linked with Alexis, as the club reportedly offered 25 million for his services. Sanchez’s contract expires this summer and this will be the last chance for Arsenal to get any money from a potential transfer. Otherwise, the player will be able to freely choose from 1 July where he will continue his career.

Why Would Alexis Sanchez Choose Manchester United?

First and foremost, Alexis could get the number 7 shirt and try to emulate the greatest stars that have previously worn that number on their back. He has the quality and character to follow in the footsteps of Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Sanchez could be the player around which the team would be centered. Manchester United maybe have bought Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba in previous years, but Sanchez is the one that has the sheer ability to make an impact that could resonate even more.

If Alexis would choose United, it would also show his character. The Reds are currently not in an idealistic situation like City, so he would be coming to a team where there is more work to be done. He would be the focal point of the side and Mourinho’s first choice from start to end. At City, he would have to get used to more rotations and resting. At United, he would be one of the main guys and all great players are a bit egoistic.

Also, Manchester United might prove to be more willing to pay this time around, especially if Mkhitaryan goes to Arsenal as part of the deal. That would free his 200k pounds and give more breathing space to offer Sanchez an offer he will not want to decline. Also, he could be a player that would be a role model for players like Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial, which would be a very good thing for Manchester United as a club.

Why Would Alexis Sanchez Choose Manchester City?

In Manchester City’s case, things look a bit simpler. Sanchez already worked with Pep Guardiola and both sides would want that to happen again. Guardiola knows his qualities, while Alexis knows how Pep operates. City are currently a better organized side and it would be easier for Sanchez to fit in at the Etihad.

However, the biggest selling point for City at this time is the Premier League. They are on course to win it and if we know Sanchez expect to win the league at Arsenal back in the day when he was signing the deal with them, he might choose City for that reason. Every player likes winning trophies and this one seems like a sitter for him. However, Manchester United do not look like giving up on him. On the contrary.

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