Manchester United Prepare For Stoke City Amidst Alexis Sanchez Speculation

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Manchester United have travelled back to England after a short spell in Dubai. The mini-break is now over and all thoughts are focused on Stoke City this coming Monday. Yet, around the club, not many people talk or think too much about the Potters. It will be an opportunity for the team to redeem themselves for a 2-2 draw against the same opposition earlier this season, but spotlight is taken by the Alexis Sanchez speculations.

The Guardian and Sky in Italy have revealed on Thursday that Manchester United have offered 20 million pounds and Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Arsenal, in order to get Sanchez at Old Trafford. The story was even more interesting because Manchester City have been the heavy frontrunners in this “race” and not many expected this turn of events.

Jose Mourinho On Alexis Sanchez

Some media are now even claiming Manchester United are favourites in landing Sanchez, but Jose Mourinho did not want to be dragged into the conversation about the Chilean star.

“Sanchez is Arsenal player, I don’t know but probably this weekend he is going to defend Arsenal colours so I don’t think it’s correct to say things about Alexis Sanchez”, said Mourinho in press conference on Friday. “I don’t know if it is ethical or correct. The word we can find to be speaking about players of other clubs. If somebody speaks of one of my players to tell we are interested or we are not interested, I wouldn’t be very, very happy.”

This was an expected response from the Portuguese. However, Mourinho managed to put in an indirect message to the fans in the following explanation.

“What we believe is there are some players in football world if you have the chance to sign them in January, March or July, you have to try. In relation to Alexis Sanchez I don’t say a word, the only word I can say is he is a phenomenal player”, said Mourinho.

What he managed to do here is say Manchester United always want to get players that have a certain quality which would improve any club, not just United. Alexis is obviously one of them, so this could be a hint from the manager at what the club is trying to do. He also took the most out of the situation pointing out what he thinks of Sanchez.

Anyone Thinking About Stoke?

It is normal when a story like this one comes to the fore that the match will be slightly less talked about. The January transfer window is all-consuming and catchy headlines are all around us. But the match on Monday will be an opportunity to see United for the first time after their break at Dubai.

Stoke City are in a difficult situation, sitting in 18th place in Premier League. Also, they were knocked out of FA Cup after losing to Coventry City. Mark Hughes got sacked right afterwards, but the new manager still has not been announced.

This all seems like a perfect combination for Manchester United to get another win. We are now a little bit more than a month away from the Champions League and the team should be also slowly preparing for those challenges. However, the Potters could bounce back after Hughes’ sack and the Devils must be aware of that.

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