Manchester United Should Plan For The Summer Transfer Window

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Manchester United are currently on a Dubai mini-trip, ahead of the important January matches. The squad is regenerating in the warm weather and far away from the transfer window frenzy. That might be a good solution for the team to regain some freshness that the occasional trip away from the usual scenes can bring.

But, are Manchester United going to buy anyone this transfer window? Sky Sports suggest the club have not made any kind of contact with Paris Saint-Germain regarding Lucas Moura. The French club, though, have said the player will be allowed to leave and Manchester United might be tempted to be the first bidder. Anything more than that seems unrealistic right now. That might be a good thing, actually.

Manchester United Should Not Buy Now For The Sake Of It

Many clubs are thinking about bringing in new faces in January and naturally, Man United are one of them. Yet, the Reds should not be buying players for the sake of it. A long-term plan must be in place if the club is to progress in years to come. The players must fit the certain criteria not only now, but in a year’s or two years’ time.

A panic buy right now is the last thing Man United need. The team is currently far behind Manchester City and in order to bridge that gap, the club must be very careful. January transfer window is usually a tough one, especially for clubs of United’s size. Simply, world class players rarely move mid-season. The Coutinho case this winter is a typical exception, not a rule.

Summer Window Offers More

That is why summer transfer windows offer more. It is then that the players mostly change their clubs and the countries they live in. For United, that should be the transfer window they should start planning right now. Because the club cannot afford rival clubs doing better job in the market.

Liverpool bought Mohamed Salah for just 35 million pounds last summer and that is proving to be bargain of the season. Manchester City have spent plenty of money, but they did so wisely. Players like Kyle Walker and Ederson instantly improved the squad, but their starting XI as well. That is what United should do. Spending loads of money is now expected, but Reds must do it wisely. There cannot be cases of Henrikh Mkhitaryan or some buys prior to Mourinho’s arrival – unless Manchester United are going to buy more than three players per transfer window.

World Cup And The Shorter Summer Window Will Make Things Trickier

The following summer window will be the trickiest one so far. That is why United must start planning right now. The World Cup will be taking place until mid-July and the English transfer window will end a month or so later, the day before the Premier League starts.

That means the actual window for making things happen will be much shorter than people would think. Manchester United must react quickly to that, so the proper plan must be put in place.

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