“You can’t win anything with kids”: Alan Hansen takes credit for United success

Alan Hansen’s words “You can’t win anything with kids” have gone down in Manchester United folklore

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With the 25th anniversary of Sir Fergie coming up many pundits are having their say on the great man and his reign. Alan Hansen has chosen to focus on his now infamous comment on Match of the Day in 1995, “You can’t win anything with kids”.

His column in the main is rather fair, full of praise and respect for the boss but one paragraph irked me:

“Alex has never said it but I think he might have agreed with me to a certain extent – and some people have told me he used to say “you’ll win nothing with kids” to his players to inspire them. So I suppose you could say I played my part in their success”.

Tongue-in-cheek it might have been but one gets the impression that Hansen probably does mean this on some level otherwise why include it?

It’s very possible that Fergie may have laughed at Hansen’s comment, maybe even used it in the odd team talk or team meeting to motivate his players but let’s face it, it had little impact on United’s success – the seeds to which were already sown.

Fergie’s decision to place his faith in youth was already made up and the likes of Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, Butt, Gary and Phil Neville were already making impressions in the A and B teams – their talent was already known about and they were already on the right path to having successful careers.

So Mr Hansen, a little joke it may have been but let’s be clear… no United fans will be thanking you when we celebrate 25 years of Fergie. Only one man and his loyal staff are responsible for 25 years of success and glory.

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  1. exactly who cares! you better write how f*ucking glazers stealing money from our club as well as recent outrageus arsenal yankee cowboys owners remarks about how “good” they are to our football. this is shocking. doesn’t irked you this? and what abou massive underivestment in our team?

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