What Next For Manchester United? Six More To Go

Manchester United have had some week, did they not? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side pulled out some great results, beating both Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur and Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City 2-1 in the span of three days. That brought Man United back in the mix for the Champions League qualification, although that race is a very long one and nothing will be decided soon.

So what is next for Manchester United? There will be six matches for them between now and the end of 2019 and we will be having a short looking in the opponents that the Devils will be facing.

AZ Alkmaar At Home

Manchester United will be playing in three different competitions and the first match is in Europa League. This could have been a match that would not matter much had the Devils not lost in Kazakhstan to Astana, but now they will have to do well in order to keep the top spot in their group. We spoke about the importance of that, since that will mean United will face some potentially weaker sides in the round of 32 next February.

What is important to note here is that AZ Alkmaar are a very good side that is doing really well in Eredivisie, as they are just three points behind Ajax. Their dramatic 2-2 draw against Partizan meant they also qualified for the next round, but could still finish first.

Everton In The League

Everton are an odd club and an odd team this season. They are certainly not as bad as their results suggest and it will be interesting to see if their momentum from the last weekend’s win will continue to make an impact on their performances. They will visit Old Trafford after beating Chelsea 3-1 in a match that showed that potential is there for the Toffees.

Hopefully, Man United will know how to exploit their weaknesses. There has been a lot of those this season for them…

Colchester Comes To Town

Well, this should obviously be the easiest match of the bunch, but also the one match where Solskjaer could rest his most important players. Colchester, a League One team, have done so well to reach the quarterfinals of the League Cup, but they should be brushed aside in a mature fashion, without spending too much energy. That could be really valuable in the coming weeks.

Watford, Newcastle And Burnley

And then three matches United will end their year with. And all three of them are coming against sides Man United have been struggling with this year and that should change in this run of challenges. If United really want to achieve something, they need to be beating these sides regularly. The Devils already lost to Newcastle, whilst Watford has been shambolic with all of their managerial changes.

Burnley, on the other end, for the first time since a while are looking like a side that could get into trouble in regards to staying in division.

These six matches will be far from easy, especially as the end of December gets closer, but do well in these three weeks and your season could be drastically better.

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