New Contract For Jose Mourinho Should Wait

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After a Saturday 0-0 draw against Liverpool, Manchester United have been talked about negatively for the first time this season. Their performance was not good enough, Liverpool were the better team, making United happy with an away point.

With the match gone, talks around media outlets started about Jose Mourinho wanting a new improved contract. Reportedly, that would a reward for the Portuguese for the results the team has been making. While Mourinho has all the rights to expect a contract renewal, we look into reasons why Manchester United should simply wait.

Still Early Into The Season

It was just the eighth Premier League match last Saturday against Liverpool. Man United have started very well, but the season is still ‘young’. There are 30 matches to be played and Manchester United have not accomplished anything yet. Jose Mourinho has improved the team.

They look more organised and better equipped for both scoring goals and conceding less of them. Romelu Lukaku started scoring in the red shirt from day one and Nemanja Matic slotted into the side with ease. Attacking players have more freedom and that has seen Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford shine on the left flank.

However, it would be too early to give Mourinho a new long-term contract on the basis of that. He is right that Man United have improved. He has won two titles with the team last season. That should not be a good enough reason. Mourinho has a good contract with the club and the process of contract renewal should be postponed for after the January transfer window at the least.

Jose Mourinho And The Third Season Syndrome

We all know about Jose Mourinho and the second season syndrome. He has won the league title in every club since Porto in his second season at the helm. Now, Mourinho is doing well in his second season at Man United and everyone expects him to deliver the Premier League title.

Not only that will be a long and hard-fought process, not a simple handover of a trophy intended for Mourinho just because of that ‘tradition’. No, there is one more thing as well. Mourinho never completed his third season at the club. He left Chelsea on both occasions in third season due to poor results after winning a title. The same happened at Inter and Real Madrid and Manchester United should be careful.

Learn From Chelsea’s Mistakes

After all, there is a lot to be learned from Chelsea. They made a mistake of rushing to give Mourinho a huge long-term contract. In effect, when Chelsea started the 2015-16 season in horrendous form, Roman Abramovich had to sack him and pay him substantially for doing that.

This is not to say Jose Mourinho is going to fail at Manchester United. Nor that he will be unable to stay at the club for four or five years. However, this means that the board should simply be more careful. If Manchester United continue progressing throughout the season, then it might be smart to reward the Portuguese manager.

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