Football Needs United to Succeed!!!

It is clear by Fergie’s signings that United will once again attempt to win trophies by playing attractive attacking football. The only other premiership club which comes in to this category will probably be Arsenal, but it is difficult to see them making a serious challenge next season.

Football clubs usually emulate teams which win major trophies, wingers left the game after Ramsay’s wingless wonders won the World Cup. Liverpool dominated in the 70s and 80s and did so most of the time by playing clinical rather than attractive entertaining football. Chelsea a club renowned in the 70s for their flamboyant style have adopted a win at all costs mentality under Mourinho which isn’t pretty to watch but certainly effective.

And it is difficult to see Liverpool exciting the masses of English supporters with attractive football under Rafa next season although there is transfer gossip around some entertaining players.

But it is undoubtedly United who football fans will look for entertainment, fans were enthralled last season with our attacking football and with the addition of attacking players such as Nani, Anderson and probably Tevez added to Rooney Ronaldo Scholes Giggs it promises to be the most attacking attractive team/squad which has graced the prem or football for a long time if not ever.

If United do win the title and the Champions League playing total football attacking and destroying teams we can expect many more clubs to follow suit in the future, if they fail, Chelsea’s formation and play could well be the way clubs go.

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