Jose Mourinho is losing it already

Apparently, United are already under pressure having spent heavily in the summer on transfers. Who could come out with such a comments? Maybe Arsene Wenger who see’s himself as a careful purchaser of players? Nope. Maybe Rafa Benitez trying to take an early swipe at Liverpool’s main rivals? Nope. It comes out of mouth of Jose ‘I’m speaking out of my arse’ Mourinho.

Mourinho brings a lot to the English game in terms of personality, tactical knowhow and charm. However, he does speak a whole lot of nonsense at times. Does he forget the vast amount of player he has bought who have underachieved at Stamford Bridge under his management? Firstly, last summer he brought in Shevchenko and Ballack which a) upset the balance of the team and b) underperformed significantly in the race for the title. Who should be blamed? The players have obviously been hit hard by the media but does anyone blame Jose? No. Mourinho has the ability like Fergie and like Clough to ‘blame everyone else’ but the way his sides play football doesn’t always allow for such an arrogant attitude towards football.

Mourinho believes he is the wind up merchant and is starting early, but to be honest nothing will get past Fergie. Fans get irate and wound up over what rival managers say all the time. I’m more bemused than annoyed in regards to this story as I can’t believe a manager would leave themselves so open to being a hypocrite.

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