United have bid for goalkeeper rejected?

David de Gea

AUTHOR: – Doron

Despite the wishes of many Man United fans, Edwin van der Sar is retiring this summer and the club are looking to replace him. There have been many rumours about who this could be but the biggest indication of who Edwin’s replacement might be is in The Times today…

James Ducker has written in The Times that Manchester United have had a bid of £17.5m turned down by Atletico Madrid for goalkeeper, David de Gea. Despite being only 20, de Gea has played 74 times for Atletico’s first team and has been in the full Spanish squad. United have been linked with him for some time now and recently the Spanish media have reported that a deal is close.

Without any extra pressure heaped on the new goalkeeper’s arrival, de Gea has long been compared to current United keeper, van der Sar. De Gea, who is 6ft 3in is still growing and Ducker reveals that Fergie believes he has the qualities to be a top keeper for United. According to Ducker, Eric Steele (United’s goalkeeping coach) is taking Spanish lessons to help de Gea settle in.

In truth, de Gea has had a mixed season for Atletico but he has had a poor defence in front of him and as Graham Hunter recently wrote, he has saved them many times this season. If de Gea is a new name to you or you don’t know much about him, I highly recommend Hunter’s article which you can read here.

Personally, de Gea is the goalkeeper I’d like to see us sign. Despite his age, I’ve regularly been impressed with him and he stood out even aged 16. Failing de Gea, my next choice would be Manuel Neuer. Who would you like to see take over from Edwin and why?

AUTHOR: – Doron

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3 Comments on United have bid for goalkeeper rejected?

  1. De Gea would be fine but I love the idea of Stekelenberg. Played in a WC final, he’s a little older and more experienced than most on the list. And the last GK we got with an Ajax background panned out well for us, I’d say. I’d hate for us to be in a place 6 years from now and wondering why we didn’t get him when we could like we did from 1999-2005 before we got VDS

  2. De Gea would be a good – but sometimes i think we wud be better off with a more expierienced keep (Buffon?…Reina would be a great signing!

    strange thing about the £17.5 mil bid being rejected…he agent has said today that his release clause is €20 mil…which is 17.5 mil sterling?????? which would mean they cannot reject an offer of £17.5 million pounds!!!!!!????

    ….someones making things up…The Guadian or De Gea’s agent?

  3. This is a great time for united to be looking for a goalkeeper. When Schmeichel left in ’99 there was very few world class or close to world class keepers available – Van Der Sar had just signed for Juve, Khan was at Bayern, Buffon was settled at Parma beyond those three there wasn’t really that many great keepers around.

    This time around there is quite a few aside from those mentioned there is Akinfeev, Ochoa, Rui Patricio to name a few.

    I think the most important thing would be to sign someone that is going to stick around for ages. In a way Neuer has already ruled himself out with his comments about only leaving Germany for a holiday so I guess he will go to Bayern. De Gea is talented but very young – and I do wonder whether he will piss off if Real Madrid come calling one day.

    Personally I would like to see Adler join ManYoo I think they could get him for £12-15M and it’s important to remember that until he was injured last summer he was Germany’s number one keeper for the World Cup.

    If Fergie decides to go for a bit more experience I would rather he tried for Buffon than Stekelenburg who I think will end up at Arsenal. With Buffon though again I wonder if he will stick around.

    I think in the end though it will be a toss up between Adler and De Gea.

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