The Pros And Cons Of Toby Alderweireld and Harry Maguire At Manchester United

Manchester United have played their final pre-season match against Bayern Munich. That is always a good sign that the new season is just around the corner. However, this summer that also means the transfer windows is about to close any moment. With Man United still needing a centre-back to improve this side, two players remain in contention.

Toby Alderweireld and Harry Maguire are the ones being mentioned and if you go by what media write, they are both very close to signing for the Red Devils. However, we can be quite certain that will not happen – Man United will not sign both of them. So, who is going to be? And what are the positives and negatives of both potential deals?

Alderweireld’s Pros – Experience, Proven Quality

The biggest positive about Toby Alderweireld is actually not his experience, but his proven quality. There are plenty of experienced players out there, but the Belgian centre-back has proved over several seasons that he has the quality to play at the top Premier League club. Tottenham over the past three seasons also had one of the best defences in the league and his class is not in doubt. Also, his experience in comparison to Bailly, Lindelöf or Jones would also be important. He played some big matches in his career and most of the time he has been at the levels United would need for their current team.

Maguire’s Pros – Potential To Improve, English

Harry Maguire’s biggest positive is that he is far from a finished product. At least that is how things look right now. Two years ago he was in France watching England at Euros with friends, this summer he played a World Cup semifinal. Maguire’s displays for Leicester last season have been very good, but that was his breakthrough season. He is expected to continue improving. His other positive, apart from his good passing game and composure on the ball (we are not mentioning that because Alderweireld brings that to the table as well), Maguire is English. He is used to the league, he is a domestic player which comes in handy for European competitions.

Alderweireld’s Cons – Getting Close To His 30s

Alderweireld’s biggest negative is that he is approaching thirties and had some issues with injuries in recent seasons. However, the former is not a big problem at all. As a centre-back, he could play at the highest level for at least three more years which is hardly a bad thing. His injuries could be a problem, but there is nothing to make us sure he will have such problems. After all, that is a risk every player brings with himself.

Maguire’s Cons – Insufficiently Proven

Maguire’s last season was the first one at this level in his career and he might go to improve heavily. However, we cannot be sure of such thing happening. He is not proven enough and Man United do not want to bring someone in and then spend large amounts of the season for that player to adjust to the big club United is. Therefore, the Devils would need to be cautious about it.

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