United poised for huge player investment


Stretford-End.com can exclusively reveal that Manchester United have plans for significant re-investment in their squad. With Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes set to retire by the end of the 2011/2012 season, Edwin van der Sar hanging up his gloves at the end of this season, the future of Gary Neville due to be decided within the next 6 weeks, and several fringe players given until the end of the season to prove their worth, there have been private assurances to Sir Alex Ferguson that there is money available for a reshaping before he retires.

The major news, aside from the fact that investment is imminent, is that Wayne Rooney’s contract negotations proved vital to this. Many sources claimed that he wanted to leave, many wrongly claimed that a deal had been agreed, but we can state that his involvement in negotiations with the club were solely to force the owners into at least privately confirming their intentions among the players.

Names, of course, come and go, as careers take different paths. Stretford-End.com confirmed in September United’s real interest in bringing Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford but we understand no actual names have been mentioned to Rooney, no targets have been identified as no names have been definitely scheduled on the “out” list. It was a policy very much evidenced on the weekend when Anderson – strongly rumoured to be on the verge of agreeing a deal with one of a number of suitors to leave – played the next day and had one of his best games in a United shirt. Just as Nani was given a chance last season, so many players will find themselves with an opportunity to prove themselves.

In direct correlation to our suggestion back in October after Wayne Rooney signed a new contract at the club, that he did so because of a guarantee of investment in new players, our source has confirmed that is the case. “He got the re-assurance that they (the Glazer family) are going to spend money. He was told he won’t be stuck in a 5 year contract with Giggs, Scholes, Neville and probably Berbatov – due to age, rather than a quick sale – having gone. That was the way for him. They have promised they’ll give the manager money.”

The inside thought is that with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes in particular at any time due to announce their retirement, Sir Alex wanted a reserve of finance as with no obvious breakthrough talent, any replacement would involve a huge outlay. The two United legends are still so highly thought of at the club that their retirement will leave a huge hole in the squad, and Ferguson wants to make sure he has saved for a rainy day. And while, again, there is no concrete information on names, these words should come as a huge re-assurance to United supporters.

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    If you’re going to come up with an exclusive, at least make it interesting.

  2. Brilliant if true i think it had to be done (signing) bcz PS18 and RG11 wont be playing forever ! I always felt and i have said before instead of buying a much hyped winger called bale we should go for a CAM OR Holding mid !
    Correct time to catch Bastian as his contract is about to get over 18 months left. Even though we have Tom , Magnus coming up i do feel we need someone like Bastian or a Wesley or a Defour types ! Great news if it goes on to be true all thanks to Rooney then ? haha !

  3. What a waste of time that was.

    In summary. Giggs and Scholes may retire anytime between now and the end of next season, Van Der Sar has been backed to retire by Ferguson at the end of this season so we’ll throw that in there. Neville may retire after not featuring much this season and being linked to the reserves.

    Additionally, young players who we have invested in may be given a crack in the first team (shock. FUCKING. horror.) and There may be money spent but we don’t know how much or on who.

    Completely blog worthy. you absolute mong head.

  4. Markus – think you’ve missed the point! Confirmation that there WILL be money reinvested, not maybe. First time we’ve heard that in such strong language from our source (who believe me, knows exactly what’s going on!)

  5. He knows so much that Ozil signed for us then ?

    We know Henderson is definitely coming as well don’t we ? ; )

    Oh and IF Owen goes (you’d think the source might have a more concrete stance wouldn’t you ?) Benzema is on his way.

    Load of bollocks mate. Can’t believe some people get taken in by this, we all know money is going to be spent in some capacity over a summer and we knew that more was probably going to be forthcoming with the unfortunatly imminent retirements of some key players.

  6. John – apologies this hasn’t lived up to your expectations. To many United fans, the promise of new signings in such strong language is exciting and intriguing. Whether you wish to believe it or not of course is down to you

  7. this is exactly what I mean. This prick made up Ozil joining, turned out we were never interested.

    made up the Henderson rumour based on 1 good performance against Chelsea and Henderson has looked mediocre since.

    Then made up the Benzema rumour as if United, with already possesing too many strikers, would sign another, this time another 30 million one unproven in the Premier League.

    I cannae believe around 1,000 people follow this guy and his bullshit. Unfollow him, and follow me instead… AT LEAST I SPEAK THE TRUTH!

  8. Next thing you know, this guy is gunna start up a rumour about one of the Busby Babes that sadly perished in Munich coming back. This is how ridiculous these rumours are I feel sorry for the people that believe this.

  9. Like this site usually but it disappoints me with its ‘exclusives’ which usually amount to a bit of obvious conjecture. Piss poor.

  10. If the Ozil story wasn’t you, then apologies. But this post confirms absolutely nothing that every United fan with a brain didn’t know already.

  11. Pooks – sorry to disappoint, we sometimes get a little overexcited when we hear certain things from people very well connected at the club. For the person to say what he said (the quote in the article) felt like a big deal to us!

  12. The bit I find impossible to swallow is that all Wazza’s behaviour was purely designed to force the Glazer’s hand on new signings. You think he is that altruistic? Seriously?

  13. Pathetic post and a waste of time. Fair enough if you had the news, but you’re repeating old information.

    Why should United fans believe some lad on Twitter exactly?

  14. Ooops, I might be wrong about you. Aren’t you the cutting edge journalist who broke the Titanic sinking news earlier this week? Keep up the good work!

  15. what a sorry excuse to get more blog hits. stop posting garbage under the guise of an exclusive, this is as bad as tribalfootball. at least they don’t pretend to be credible.

  16. Hilarious thing is, you’re as bad as the sources you and your fellow bloggers slag off. The Sun, Daily Mail etc.

  17. Markus – I know you lads are having a bit of a laugh over here at the blog:


    However as the co-creator of this website (which I wanted to be a good resource for Reds with a forum/stats/chants) my aim was to make a community in which United fans could discuss issues about the club in detail. I was hoping that this piece may have encouraged a debate on some key issues rather than insults.

    There is no hidden agenda here.

  18. John James – you don’t need to believe it if you don’t want to…just something that was told to us that we wanted to pass on – as always any piece where an unnamed source is quote is never usually treated too seriously but not that my assurances will mean much to you but i can assure you that knowing the source, the info is legit

  19. Lads.

    Yes we all know the Giggsy, Scholes and Van Der Sar will retire soon and we all know the conspiracy theorists were out when Rooney took a massive U turn on the contract negotiations. Blogs are surely a place for discussion, like the Red Cafe forum, for issues like this, don’t you agree?

  20. nameonthetrophy – It’s easy information to relay to people. Papers have reported this for several months, and what your are saying is EXACTLY the same.

    If United do not spend, then it’s okay you can post about how the Glazers performed a U-turn. All the bases are covered with this story.

    I hope your website got the hits you all desired, shame you have to mislead other fans with baseless information.

    Best of luck in the future with the blog.

  21. I agree, but do you really want this blog to become like the Sun.co.uk comments section? Because it might as well do, with cutting edge stuff like this.

  22. Yassin; peddle your sick filth elsewhere mate, or at least keep it to Twitter. I’ve a decent track record when I relay information that’s passed on to me, I don’t get any money from it and I don’t get any “publicity”.

    Markus; I think it’s probably best to stick to jumping in and calling people a mong, that’s clearly the level of your intelligence, I’m quite content for people not to believe me, we have a pretty good track record on this website of getting there first.

    As nameonthetrophy is valiantly trying to explain against a tide of irrational response is that we had information from a very well placed source – as we have done before – and we published it. I’m not saying it won’t turn out to be wrong, because I don’t know of any source that’s 100% right, and as a rule we don’t peddle in tabloid nonsense, but when we hear something from a valid source, we feel it’s appropriate to run it.

    It’s why I’m sticking by the Ronaldo story we broke, too, that got picked up by the Spanish press the day after we broke it.

  23. John James – the difference between paper reports and this, is in my mind one (the papers) have been based on opinion without direct quotes whereas this contains no opinion and merely reports what we consider to be fact (albeit by an unnamed source which I admit, at the best of times looks dodgy)

  24. You need to remember who you are pandering to when you do these blogs. United fans aren’t dumb When scummy tabloid rags like The Sun and The Star and The Daily Racist make these silly rumours, fair enough, they are pandering to their audience of knuckle-dragging, fickle, uneducated bigots. And yet this silly blog is no different to the shit written by the scum.

    Yolkie you big flop. When Jordan Henderson stagnates and fails to impress playing long ball football under Steve Bruce and continues to look below par for England, why won’t anybody hail me as some sort of Messiah? JHEEZ. Sillyness.

  25. Whitie – of course not, understand where you are coming from. I think people are generally missing the point that we are merely reporting something we deem fact – we don’t claim it’ll happen and the piece is not one based on opinion. Just something we wanted to share.

  26. John James/Whitie

    I appreciate the comments and of course I do not want the blog to be like the Sun or be known to chase hits (as you will have noticed there aren’t any sponsors on the page – so there isn’t any ad revenue at stake!).

    The website isn’t all about news either:

    We have a forum:

    Statistics: (in the process of updating – i’ve been away)




    Like I said – there is no hidden agenda – I just want a place where Reds can come and discuss current events, transfers, post match reaction…e.t.c.

    Anyhow – we will have to wait and see at the end of the season as to who will be brought in to replace the three players mentioned in the blog.

  27. Yassin – having read your own blog, it seems unfair you have a go at SE.com when your blog is in fact anti-semitic and has racial slander in it.

    RE Henderson – I had the same info as Yolkie from a different source – last I heard we were deep in negotiations, that was maybe 4 weeks ago and since then it has all gone quiet, if you like I can try to find out what is going on there for you

  28. Yolkie reported that Ozil would most definitely not be joining Manchester United, and he did not. As far as what he choose to report on this site, Yolkie has actually had a pretty reliable track record. If he chose to post this it is because he had a source he considered very reliable. He has proven time and time again to be a passionate fan, and I don’t believe he’d ever try to get attention or hits by spreading a false story.

    That said, there will always be skeptics. It’s unavoidable. If you choose to believe it, that’s great because it does come from a good source. If you choose to doubt it, that’s also fine. You can’t please everyone. Unfortunate to see that some choose to be so rude about it.

  29. Come on now, the transfer section for your forum is the 2nd most viewed. It could be the 1st, considering that actual place is taken by a news section which of course is bound to generate hits.

    There are people who care more about transfers who support United. Ask them to name the XI in the last reserve team game and they’ll be lost – ask them who United were linked with on IMScouting this morning and they’ll explode.

    I understand the sentiment from you guys, getting across your message to fellow reds etc. Don’t kid yourselves though, transfers are big business for sites.

  30. Why do you even bother explaining yourselves to garbage like these ‘fans’? Im not saying im fully convinced by the source you quote but honestly, theres no need for a well known and respected United site to have to get so up in arms over a few idiotic comments. Fuck em.

  31. John James – the transfer section like any good transfer section on a forum merely links in to united rumours in the press – would you also have a go at manutd.com for likewise reporting ever transfer rumour too? We put them up there to allow people to discuss them and decide if they want to believe them, if they like the player etc

  32. John James

    Of course transfer gossip is going to be a massive driver to websites – totally agree. But that is why we try and put together different types of posts/blogs/articles. For example:

    http://www.stretford-end.com/blog/2009/12/zonal-vs-man-marking/ (Which was picked up by the Times Gabriele Marcotti)





    Anyhow you get my point I hope – its not all about hits and transfers – I like to think it is about quality and ultimately an interesting discussion.

  33. John James – I understand what you are saying, but while we have run this story we also run regular reserve/youth team profiles. In fact, Doron is very big supporter of the reserves. I know at least Doron and I both regularly watch reserve games. Even living in America, I stream nearly every reserve game. If you check both my Twitter I regularly campaign for Cleverley and Eikrem to get chances in the first team. We try to be a very well-rounded blog that reports not only on transfer news but also our up-and-coming youth. We cater to all readers from those who love our youth to those who think we need to rejuvenate our squad with some new players. It’s not about what we think will get the most hits, rather what we believe will interest our audience.

  34. FA_MUFC – everyone is entitled to their opinion. I really do appreciate your post but I was hoping my comments may start a debate rather on the post in question rather than the integrity of the website/Yolkie’s source.

  35. Really, I think this is the most important thing I can say is this: either accept this news or don’t. It’s simple. If you choose not to believe it, I respect your stance on that, but there is no need to personally insult writer. At the end of the day we all support the same club.

  36. I’m not calling into question the site and the contents, or your dedication, you all do some superb work on here – away from transfers.

    It’s a needless activity unless something is properly confirmed. In-fact what i’m saying is you’re all good writers clearly, so why waste your time peddling such weak stories?

  37. John James – I agree with the sentiment of what you’re saying. But our website has always been one of reporting statistical/analytical blogs and the kind. In the last 4 or 5 months I have written a couple of transfer issue blogs mainly because of the information that was given to me that has been unavoidable due to the growth of the site this year.

    I’ve said numerous times over that I’m not a transfer insider; but I have two choices, do I as a writer for the website and a fan of United publish a story I get or do I not? Every time, like tonight, the answer is “yes, I publish it” because I’m a fan and I’m excited to share.

    I’m aware now that I’m hitting a backlash and I think that’s fair enough, obviously I’m not personally responsible for any deal coming off and I’m not responsible for one failing; I’m clearly responsible, in a social media environment, for my own reputation and vicariously that of the site. So far, it’s all good, because I haven’t reported anything wrong.

    Regardless of all the “we’ve heard all this before”, with the greatest of respect, you hadn’t heard or read our quotes before, so we are quite right to treat it as an exclusive.

  38. Maysie – as you know from Twitter, Yolkie has interviewed David for the site. The interview was primarily for the vodcasts we are doing for the big games and United Nights.

    Keep guessing I’m afraid!

  39. Seriously, who cares how many hits they get here? And if you’ve such an issue with them, why keep coming back? This blog isn’t mandatory reading for anyone. Like the 10 billion other pages on the internet, you can easily choose not to come here. Is it somehow your civic duty to say “your info sucks”? Don’t be a troll.

  40. What poor and ultimately amateur attempt at sensationalist joirnalism. Anybody can create a piece and say its from unknown sources that are credible.

    This doesn’t tell us nothing that a bloke on the street would have assumed had happened as part of the Rooney deal.

    But your loyal fanboy following will love this like usual.

  41. Although I’m not to big on signings, I’m pretty sure this is a worthy story. United fans have been crying out since the dawn of man for reinvestment in the team. What’s changed your minds now?

    That RedCafe thread is absolute filth – does it not come to people’s minds that this is actual people they’re talking about?


    Just a quick heads-up to Yassin – the Daily Mail probably does have ‘racist’ views but telling from your blog you’re not really any better. In fact you’re much worse.

    A direct quote from your (cough) blog:

    “That is why I’m grateful to Poles. Because as they are hated more, Blacks and Asians are hated less… we think… Yassin”

    IQ of about 10. 11 to be kind. You’re a pathetic man.

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