United poised for huge player investment


Stretford-End.com can exclusively reveal that Manchester United have plans for significant re-investment in their squad. With Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes set to retire by the end of the 2011/2012 season, Edwin van der Sar hanging up his gloves at the end of this season, the future of Gary Neville due to be decided within the next 6 weeks, and several fringe players given until the end of the season to prove their worth, there have been private assurances to Sir Alex Ferguson that there is money available for a reshaping before he retires.

The major news, aside from the fact that investment is imminent, is that Wayne Rooney’s contract negotations proved vital to this. Many sources claimed that he wanted to leave, many wrongly claimed that a deal had been agreed, but we can state that his involvement in negotiations with the club were solely to force the owners into at least privately confirming their intentions among the players.

Names, of course, come and go, as careers take different paths. Stretford-End.com confirmed in September United’s real interest in bringing Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford but we understand no actual names have been mentioned to Rooney, no targets have been identified as no names have been definitely scheduled on the “out” list. It was a policy very much evidenced on the weekend when Anderson – strongly rumoured to be on the verge of agreeing a deal with one of a number of suitors to leave – played the next day and had one of his best games in a United shirt. Just as Nani was given a chance last season, so many players will find themselves with an opportunity to prove themselves.

In direct correlation to our suggestion back in October after Wayne Rooney signed a new contract at the club, that he did so because of a guarantee of investment in new players, our source has confirmed that is the case. “He got the re-assurance that they (the Glazer family) are going to spend money. He was told he won’t be stuck in a 5 year contract with Giggs, Scholes, Neville and probably Berbatov – due to age, rather than a quick sale – having gone. That was the way for him. They have promised they’ll give the manager money.”

The inside thought is that with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes in particular at any time due to announce their retirement, Sir Alex wanted a reserve of finance as with no obvious breakthrough talent, any replacement would involve a huge outlay. The two United legends are still so highly thought of at the club that their retirement will leave a huge hole in the squad, and Ferguson wants to make sure he has saved for a rainy day. And while, again, there is no concrete information on names, these words should come as a huge re-assurance to United supporters.

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  1. Got to agree with ManUtd24 about some of the ridiculous tribal invective on this thread. The authors are passionate, sensible and knowledgable reds, a touch of perspective and constructive criticism is all that is required folks.

    So to my point: Hoping the blog is right, and we do invest given the ageing nature of 3-4 of the players you mention. The squad is only in need of modest rejuvenation however (hence why Fergie hasnt found the need to invest – aside from pursuing Oezil), GK and an attacking ‘8’ the most vital – and perhaps a player for both the defence and the forward line. Owen’s future as an example seems to lie elsewhere.

    Where I cannot agree with the blog is the implication that the Rooney saga was a premeditated action; He simply isnt capable of that line of thought and Im 100% convinced that his head was turned by the poison Strettford had to offer – A version of events I hold to be true is the possibility that Strettford had verbally agreed a move with his close friend Marwood and then set about discussing this possibility to the persuadable Rooney. In all likelihood he was probably given the claptrap that we hear so often today: “Look at the squad Wayne, its fading, Giggs/Scholes/VDS are all leaving and so is the great man……..City on the other hand…” etc and on.

    I think he was a whisker from signing for the blues – and could well yet be tempted – a 5 year contract means nothing as we know: A player will leave when he decides to leave, fact. Hope he stays but I still hear persistent rumours that his head has been turned. I can only presume your source is an ex player, and whilst I don’t doubt his or the blog’s sincerity, I think it way off the mark to presume Wayne had an anti-Glazer agenda.

  2. This is pure shitty EXCLUSIVE news!
    we all know that the Glazers are here to stay..and it would be foolish for the fans not to think they would just splash a 60million pound contract on rooney for nothing..

    MUTV is your source?? lol…well it would’ve been better if u had said, it’s an inside OT janitor who have you the news..that would have made more sense…

    try to come up with something useful and interesting..this is pure crap.

  3. ‘Smith’ – MUTV is not the source, it doesn’t say that anywhere. Your entitled to believe what you like regarding the legitimacy of this story. I can assure you it is accurate. You need only to look to Germany today – the German media are convinced Schweinsteiger to United is going to happen.

  4. Cant believe this is true? My souces told me Ozil was already at the club and Ronaldo is returning and bringing Benzema with him!!!

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