Overseas games?

I have never heard something more ludicrous, insulting and to be honest down right moronic. Foreign ownership has come in for some harsh criticism over the years (and rightfully so) but this is taking the biscuit. How on earth do the Premier League feel that playing league games abroad is acceptable? It’s all brushed under the same old sugar coated ‘cosmopolitan’ feel that tries to reassure everyone that what is going to happen is ok. Well it’s not. As with the Champions League this all revolves around money and I think it is an insult to the thousands of fans that travel every week to watch their teams play.

Scudamore believes that it will allow fans to ‘see the world’ and have an opportunity to ‘travel more’ as he sits in his Monte Carlo penthouse using his ivory back scratcher. Of course that is only one possibility, I couldn’t say that actually happens! What an absolute farce – I just wish he could say ‘we’ve been offered a shit load of money and we’re going to take it because we really don’t care about the game of football’.

Imagine the Statue of Liberty being moved elsewhere? You wouldn’t because it doesn’t belong anywhere else. Manchester United belong at Old Trafford. Not China, not the United States, only in Manchester. I think you have a duty to go and see your team play at their spiritual home if you’re a foreign fan, I really do. At the end of the day this is all a money making scheme and will leave the true fans of all clubs out of pocket.

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  1. It’s not April 1st yet this is the biggest joke I’ve heard all year.

    I doubt there will be one fan in England happy at this, ultimately though the almighty dollar/yen/insert currency here speaks and I have a sick feeling that this will become reality.

    Once we’ve lifted the boundaries of the regular football season, what next? Penalty shoot outs because nobody wants to see draws – the idea didn’t take the first time round, but le’s try it again. A “Premier League” final, where the top two teams contest to win it?

    My interest in “the beautiful game” will start to wane when it crosses this line.

  2. Spot on – agree. It’s one thing having a pre-season shirt selling tour of Asia but turning the Premier League into a travelling circus is a whole new greedy level.

  3. Shocking and disgraceful. This shows a distinct lack of respect for the fans that pay week in week out and travel the length and breath of the country to follow their side.

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