Moaning Chelski, Moaning Arsenal

Maybe I should be concentrating on United’s fortunes rather than that of a rival, but I just couldn’t believe the amount of moaning that went on today in the pre-match interviews.  Now lets get this out of the way – Wenger is a top manager – he’s done wonders for Arsenal and although I do believe Arsenal fans over hype what he has done in terms of what other managers have done for their clubs (not a criticism, I just don’t believe Wenger is on the same level as Jesus!), however the man has transformed Arsenal from a bunch of indisciplined (you may laugh but i’m talking in terms of the drinking and diet culture) layabouts to a top footballing side.  End of the day, I like good football and he promotes that but he is a sore loser and I believe he does feel the pressure.

Wenger commented today on the fact that “everyone is out to get Arsenal” and to be honest it’s nonsense.  In his ambition to diffuse the pressure away from his young Arsenal side, your mind immediately flocks back to that April game in 2003 against Bolton.  2-0 they were with Wiltord, the prankster that he is, sticking his tongue out at the cameras – the media and Arsenal knew how this was going to end apparently.  Cue goals from the iconic caveman himself Martin Keown and world cup winner Youri Djorkaeff, Arsenal ended up drawing the game 2-2.  United went onto win the league that season and images of Wenger looking a little worse for wear at the end of that Bolton match will live with him for ever.  Tie off, sweat pouring from his brow.  He really was feeling the pressure and fast forward five years and he’s hoping his young talented side won’t crumble as his more experienced Championship winning side did.  Arsenal have a good side but Wenger really should stick to what he is good at and thats coaching players to play good decent football – not mind games.

Whilst over the other side of London Avram ‘Caretaker’ Grant was coming out with some even sillier comments.  Blaming the media left, right and center for all of Chelsea’s problems.  Sure it was the media that made Cech come running out and miss his punch as Woodgate glanced a header past him.  It may also be the media’s fault for Grant trying to accommodate Nickolas Anelka in a left wing position whilst Joe Cole (a player whom I really admire for his creativity and skill) sits on the bench.

We all make mistakes in football from an amateur level right up to international level, but one thing you must do is take some responsibility.  If Terry and the assistant have a scrap so what?  Why not put a positive spin on it as Mr Wenger would.  Something like, ‘they’re just too passionate about our amazing side’.  Or better yet……’I didn’t see it’.

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  1. Yeah good piece mate. But what we have to realise is that friday press conference day is Saturday’s news. Without it, they would have to re-print friday’s pieces.

    Chelsea, despite getting to a final have had a whole week of Grant being the problem. Team fragility and Terry spitting and screaming at someone else. Arsenal have had the whole Edaurado thing and countless questions from all press – “how is he, when will he be back, does he hate Taylor etc etc.”

    Man Utd on the other hand have been allowed to train, as they wish. And (this is now with my hindsight) fielded a semi-second team and trounced a team that will probably be in the championship next year.

    This week (and the one before) has been pivotal for Man Utd, given the Arsenal and Chelski issues but given Man Utd the chance to quietly rise to the top – and could decide the premiership.

  2. Good blog. I agree with this.

    It was interesting because I read the Daily Mail on Saturday and they did a good piece regarding Wengers comments. His claim that Arsenal are the most fouled and most punished team is woefully inaccurate according to the statistics, and his bizarre rant about being blamed for unemployment levels shows how much the pressure is getting to him.

    I’ve never really bought into the Wenger arsekissing, not because he’s a rival manager, but there has always lacked a dignity, a grace, a touch of class from the man that in my honest opinion goes way and beyond being a bad loser. The problem is he is regarded as some classy intelligent manager, but take recent press examples – publicly condemning Taylor yet applauding Gallas and refusing to condemn Gallas for the kick on Nani, instead choosing to say Nani was being unprofessional.

    Almost identical situations, the only difference is Nani was lucky that Gallas didn’t kick a lump out of Nani’s calf. Gallas’ kick was much more a case of “assault” than Taylors lunge. I understand that managers have a duty to protect their players but Wenger made a right balls up when criticizing Wenger so soon after Gallas’ actions.

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