Remembering Cantona kicking racism out of football

Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick

15 years ago today Eric Cantona smashed into an abusive racist in the Selhurst Park crowd. Eric was banned for nine months and returned, and scored, in the 2-2 draw with Liverpool the following October. What embarked on Eric’s return was nothing short of unbelievable and was the influence behind the double win in 1996. Today we can take out hat off to the greatest foreign player that ever graced this land. Eric, we salute you and will never ever forget you.

All together now……

We’ll drink, a drink, a drink, to Eric the King, the King, the King,
He’s the Leader of our football team,
He’s the greatest French Footballer,
That the world has ever seen.

Eric the King is remarkably trendy,
He’s done some modelling around town,
Wearing the best suits, up on the catwalk,
While the Leeds fans they just frown.

He once played for Marseille, but never for Arsenal,
Or Liverpool or even Man City,
Landed in Yorkshire, a terrible blunder,
That was nine months with the sheep.

He had a brief spell there, with the Leeds lot,
Until he realised that they were has-beens,
Only one way now, for Eric to go now,
To the Theatre of our Dreams.

On the feild it’s almost unreal,
Some of the things that Eric does,
Supurb overhead kicks, remarkable back-flicks,
I’m sure the guy just takes the piss.

Eric is so cool, remarkably cultured,
He like good music and poetry too,
Performing the fine arts, on the field,
For the boys they call Man U.

We’ll always remember that day in November,
As the time he made that special move,
Poetry in motion, the deadliest potion,
He’s got nothing left to prove.

He is a legend, without any doubt,
He will reign for years to come,
We’ll just stand there, in admiration,
With countless more trophies won.

We’ll drink, a drink, a drink, to Eric the King, the King, the King,
He’s the Leader of our football team,
He’s the greatest French Footballer,
That the world has ever seen.

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  1. What a pile of crap! If anyone except that twat had done this they’d have been thrown out of English football, no lauded as a hero. as for Simmons shouting racist abuse? I was 5 rows from him when it happened, he called Cantona a bastard and questioned his mothers profession. You want to look for racists, take a look at your wonderful Danish goalkeeper and his vile abuse of Ian Wright

  2. Maidstoned Eagle, can I present to you the two likely scenarios.

    Scenario 1. Man who has connections to “political” parties widely regarded as racist in fundament and who has a conviction for what would reasonably be described as a racist attack goes out of his way, racing miles away from his seat to hurl abuse at someone who reacts and says it was racist abuse that prompted the reaction.

    Scenario 2. A clearly mentally deranged man spends the days before the match studying the past and criminal convictions of everyone who bought a ticket for the game. During the game the deranged man, who is playing and wearing number 7, gets sent off, and attacks someone for no reason whatsoever. This happens to be a man who must have been thrown 11 rows away from where his seat was and a man who was probably persecuted incorrectly for supposed crimes and who didn’t attend rallies supporting said political groups.

    The “victim” then attacked people in the court case following either of these scenarios and according to the Guardian in an interview with the victim “executed a flying kick of his own”.

    Regarding your claim, it seems like it was one of those cases where a thug; ie. Ian Wright in this case; claim racist abuse as an excuse for trying to break someone’s legs.

    It went pretty far as investigations took place to try and prove Schmeichel’s guilt as you can see here

    Curiously though nothing else is mentioned. I would assume that it couldn’t be proved despite the numerous police hours that went into it, otherwise that article would be far more damning. Unfortunately for you sunshine it looks like you have referenced age old myths without doing your homework.

    I’d like to say at this point that I think what Cantona did was wrong and he deserved to be punished. I think the FA were harsh in making an example of a Manchester United player but they have shown many times since that that is what they do, set a harsh precedent to punish United and back off like pussies when another club or player does the same.

    And as a footnote if I was in Cantona’s position I can’t say that I wouldn’t have reacted the same way. We’re only human.

  3. The thing about Cantona’s reaction was the spontaneity of it.

    I dont know exactly what was said, or care, but Cantona felt an impulse much like Zidane, to serve justice.

    man -to – man.

    For me, that’s fair!

    But Cantona’s greatest asset, was the intensity of his extremely varied mind. I still cant belief he quit, the way he quit, and the manner he quit.

    The stuff of a too-advanced mind…

  4. Big pete never made comments about Ian Wright – it was proven false. Get your facts straight gooner scum – 3-1!!!!

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