Manchester United Season Ending Review: Luke Shaw

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Our season ending reviews are coming along nicely and we continue taking a look at our players and their performances from this past season. We may be in July already, but the new season is not coming up just yet, so let’s have a look at how Luke Shaw fared for Manchester United during the 2020-21 campaign. It was a really important season for him, when he finally managed to have a full year of great performances, being reliable for his team not only in terms of his fitness, but more importantly, his displays on the pitch. It was also the year during which he showed the whole world why Jose Mourinho was wrong to spend more time picking fights against him like a petty old man, instead of helping him and giving him a hand in tough times, since that is also one of the jobs managers are supposed to do. So let’s have a look at his numbers.

Overall Numbers

Luke Shaw played a lot football this last season. He made 47 appearances across five competitions, scoring once and making six assists. He had spent 3.633 minutes on the pitch, which is the most he has ever managed in a single season throughout his entire career. It is even just more than he had played during 2018-19, his best season so far in terms of minutes played. What is also certain is that his performances were also much better than in previous seasons, managing to be a very consistent performer throughout the campaign. Because of that, the arrival of Alex Telles seemed to work more towards making Shaw work harder than the Brazilian splitting playing time with him.

Shaw was among the best full-backs in the Premier League during the past 12 months in many aspects – shot-creating chances have put him in top 2 per cent in his position, his progressive passes and carries have been spectacular as well, putting him in the 90th percentile among Premier League full-tbacks. His 0.16 expected assists per 90 minutes is also elite level and his passing with 82.3 per cent completion rate made him very reliable with the ball. He even received 3.04 progressive passes himself, which shows just how often Shaw played high up the pitch. Where he was a bit weaker in terms of numbers is where there were others to do that job for him – interpeting, tackling, clearing the ball.

Shaw did very well with the ball even in terms of dribbling, making 1.27 completed dribbles per 90, putting him in the 79th percentile in the league. He was in the same region with his number of touches in the opposition penalty area, showing just how dangerous he can be, offering United another outlet when going forwards.


This was a brilliant season for Luke Shaw, as he was Premier League’s best left-back and one of the most consistent performers across the entire league. He even continued showing such performances in the European Championship for England and hopefully he will be able to help this team progress further. As far as Man United fans are concerned, the season cannot come soon enough to see if Shaw will continue to evolve in one of the best left-backs around, not just in the Premier League.

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