Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United: Four Things We Learned

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Manchester United wanted to get back to their winning ways after a shocking loss against Sheffield United, but that winning will not start this weekend. The Red Devils have drawn 0-0 against Arsenal at the Emirates, getting another ‘not ideal’ result. Against a side that has been struggling incredibly this season, which had seen Mikel Arteta on the brink of getting sacked, Man United have failed to score against in 180 minutes of football, factoring in that 1-0 loss against Gunners at Old Trafford few m0nths ago.

This was a match in which there seemed to be no way for any other result, except for an individual piece of brilliance that could have solved it all. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side once again got a point in a tough match away from home, but it is still not a point that will make most of fans happy.

Here is what we learned from this game.

Fernandes’ Dip In Form

It is clear and obvious that Bruno Fernandes has been probably the best Premier League player of the first four months of the season, but in recent weeks, there has been an obvious dip in his performances. The Portuguese is the last person that should be criticised, especially after what he has done this season and the fact that a dip in form was expected to happen sooner or later, but it is also a fact that should be pointed out. Fernandes did score a free-kick against Liverpool after coming off the bench, but that was not enough to rate his open play performance. Against Arsenal, his performance was once again without his usual chance creation in the final third. And when Fernandes is struggling, Man United are struggling as well.

Still Struggling At Right Wing

Manchester United have not solved their right winger issue and throughout the season they are trying to mask that up. Mason Greenwood plays there from time to time, but he is still inconsistent and learning. Marcus Rashford was the choice for that spot against Arsenal and it was obvius it is much easier to stop him when he is on the right flank. Man United need to solve this position in the summer, as this is making United a limited side going forwards.

Five Points Lost In Three Days

Man United were in talk of a title race, something we wanted to stop being mentioned as it was way to early to say they could fight for it and this past week is the proof. The Devils lost five points in three days, after a 2-1 loss to bottom-placed Sheffield United. The team should concentrate on the next game and nothing else, to try and get back on a winning streak as soon as possible.

One Goal Against Top Six Sides

And the last but not the least – Manchester United have scored just one goal all season against all top six sides. That goal was worthless, since it came in a 6-1 loss against Spurs. Since then, there was a 1-0 loss to Arsenal and 0-0 draws against Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. It is good on the defensive side of things, but Solskjaer does like he is always setting his team up first and foremost to get that defensive block well and then hope for the attack to flash a piece of individual brilliance to solve the game. That has not yet happened this season…

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