Four Questions Manchester United Need Answering Before The End Of 2020

Manchester United are slowly getting ready for the return of the season, once next weekend the Premier League continues. This international break has seen many Man United players leave on national team duty, but after they return, the Devils will start a crucial period that is ahead of them – approaching winter madness, which will see games being played almost non-stop.

So with just a month and a half left until the end of the year, what are the questions Man United should find answers to before 2021 rolls in? Here are our thoughts.

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer The Right Man For The Job?

This is not something that is easy to answer, especially not in this short amount of time, but then there is also the fact that we have been seeing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in this post since the end of 2018. It has been almost two years since he took over as caretaker manager and since he became permanent choice in March 2019, there were seldom moments when we could have said – yes, Solskjaer is the man that will bring Man United back where it belongs.

A string of few poor results always seem to be hanging above his head and with that could the sack – unless Man United start showing some progress.

Is Harry Maguire Reliable Enough?

Man United have spent record-breaking transfer fee to make Harry Maguire the most expensive defender in the history of football, but was it worth it? So far, the answer is obvious – no. But in this month and a half we must see how much Man United can rely on England international. He is the player that is supposed to make up the crux of this team, he is supposed to be the one Man United build their defensive structure around.

Is Paul Pogba Going To Commit Fully?

Ever since he returned to Man United, there are talks like these about Paul Pogba. Is he going to fully commit? Does he want to stay? Is he going to leave for Real Madrid. Pogba this season has not looked as if he is too happy to stay, despite that after Project Restart he seemed on board with building things at Old Trafford. This seems to be an ever changing answer and Pogba never looks like the world class player many still think he is.

Why Was Van De Beek Signed?

This is a newer question, but it still needs answering. Donny van de Beek was signed this last summer from Ajax for a deal worth around 40 million euros, but ever since he has not seen much playing time. Sure, he is still new at the club and starting to fit in, but it never felt as if there was any real place for him in this team. Man United need to answer why they bought him, because, if it is true that he cannot be incorporated in the same starting XI with both Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, then what was the point spending so much money to get him?

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