Man United News: Getting Ready For West Ham, Sancho Talk And More

Manchester United have lost their FA Cup semifinal against Chelsea and now the focus is to shift elsewhere. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side still has 180 minutes of football until the end of the Premier League campaign and the quest for Champions League qualification might be coming to an end if all goes right. There will also be Europa League next month where United will be able to focus solely on that competition and try to bring more European silverware into the trophy room. But before that – West Ham United.

West Ham Before Everything

That might sound just like a used-up phrase, but it is true – nothing is more important than West Ham right now and on Wednesday night, Man United will not be allowed to make mistakes. Theoretically, things will not be over even if United do not win this one, simply because they are yet to play against Leicester City, another team trying to reach top four. But, the fact that Solskjaer changed his starting XI against Chelsea in an FA Cup semifinal and risked losing the match for the sake of keeping his squad fresh for West Ham means that this one must be done properly.

Man United are clearly a better side and David Moyes’ team has been heavily criticised this season for the way they play. Despite all of that, this will be a big test for Solskjaer’s team in terms of psychological pressure.

Man United To Wait Before Going All In For Sancho

On the other hand, we still have other things to talk about. One of them, of course, is Jadon Sancho. Manchester United are chasing Borussia Dortmund star and this summer it seems like they are the only team actually going after him. That is not a surprise, but not because Sancho does not deserve more clubs being interested, but the fact not many could pay the price tag. It still probably stands at around 100 million pounds – or more, who knows these days? – but United are still not doing their best to get him.

It was reported today that the Devils will give their best shot in pursuing former Manchester City man once the Champions League qualification is reached. Only then United will be completely sure it would be possible to get Sancho, because of all the extra money such a feat would bring the club.

Scholes Supporting De Gea

We did not have the chance to mention this last night, but Paul Scholes offered support to David De Gea following his terrible night against Chelsea. His mistakes led to Chelsea getting a big lead and the Spaniard has had a bad season so far. But Scholes was there to support his former teammate, saying that he did make mistakes and that he has been having a bad time, but that his past performances should not be simply forgotten.

Man United legend mentioned that the team would not have finished in the top 10 of the Premier League in the past years if it was not for him in goal. Sure, De Gea’s performances in those years have been magnificent but emotions towards past should not blind Man United from their future. And that is not to say De Gea should go, just that the club should weigh in and take a long from all possible angles.

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