Linking Cristiano Ronaldo And Manchester United Is Ridiculous


It is that story again. Cristiano Ronaldo is allegedly unsettled at Real Madrid and could leave the champions of Europe. That is, if you believe internet media infected by a daily need of new big stories. Neymar saga has ended and Phillipe Coutinho story is weakening.

We could have seen even stories about Lionel Messi and Manchester City in previous days. Now, the turn is on Cristiano Ronaldo. Could he really go from Madrid? Where would he go? Could Ronaldo return to Manchester?

Simply said, everything really is possible. More importantly, unequivocally it will not happen. Cristiano Ronaldo plays for champions of Europe for the past two years, has a contract that ends in four years. Also, he is winning Ballon d’Ors regularly, which always helps his case. He will not return to Manchester United this summer.

A Pattern Has Emerged

It is easy to see that a certain pattern has emerged in Ronaldo’s doings. After Spanish judiciary started a process against the Portuguese footballer in suspicion of tax evasion, something very familiar happened.

Ronaldo was reportedly ‘very angry’ and he ‘wanted to leave Spain’, as the media were so happy to inform everyone. At Confederations Cup, Ronaldo did not even talk to media after matches, which is usually a requirement for a player who gets Man of the match award in order to evade questions.

The media continued. He might want to go back to England. Ronaldo is still angry. He feels he is not appreciated in Spain, et cetera, et cetera. The pattern is there. Afterwards, he was more than happy to stay at the club, highlighting his commitment to Real Madrid. And then happens this.

Cristiano Ronaldo And The Sources

Spanish newspapers El Pais resurfaced with a ‘source close to Ronaldo’. “He is angry about the five-game ban, but he is working just as hard with the team. However, we cannot guarantee whether he will stay or leave”, the source said to El Pais.

Ronaldo got the five match ban after pushing the referee in the first leg of Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona. It was a minimum ban – one match for the red card and further four for pushing the referee. Ronaldo is angry again.

This is not the first time sources ‘close to Ronaldo’ are giving media misguided information. Simply because, this is not the first time ‘the sources’ are saying Ronaldo will or is close to leaving Madrid. Since he never actually left, all these sources were incorrect, thus are not reliable.

Clicks And Shares Rule Over Common Sense

And there we go again. Internet media and websites are happy when these stories come up. Some bigger media outlet starts it and they have ‘a reason’ to share it themselves. Creating new stories about this matter, like where Ronaldo could go now, are good for them. They create more separate links which can generate clicks.

So the internet today is quite smitten with this idea of Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid in final seven days of the transfer window. Every media outlet is sharing this ‘story’, so people think there might be something. But there is not.

Cristiano Ronaldo will not leave Real Madrid this summer. Not for Manchester United, nor for any other club. He is playing for the consecutive Champions League winners, champions of Spain and champions of the world. He is also winning Ballon d’Or awards, which is bound to happen again in January 2018.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United? There is nothing to see here, move on.

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