Manchester United And The Fake News Frenzy


Manchester United are a big club with a huge fan base. That means having fans all over the world and more importantly having more fans online. It creates a perfect setting for online media to exploit that.

Everyone is interested in hearing news about Manchester United. Who will be the new signing? What are his wages going to be? How could he fit in the team? Interest of people in Manchester United is easily exploitable, then. You want news about Man United? Here you have them.

Manchester United Guarantee Clicks

And they are everywhere, whether they are true or not. The club is ‘considering to enquire’ about a player and similar constructions give the media perfect opportunity to hide behind words. Who will know if that is really true?

It does not matter. The click on the news is registered. It would be harsh and wrong to put blame on fans in any way. They want to know what is happening at their beloved club, but Manchester United’s size and stature gives space for others to make the most out of that.

Too many players have been ‘linked’ with Manchester United, whether justifiably or not. Ivan Perisic has been linked with Jose Mourinho’s team during whole summer. While it became very probable that the Croat will renew his contract with Inter Milan, it was a similar story with Nemanja Matic. Though, with a different ending as the central midfielder joined the club after a prolonged chase from Manchester United.

Modern Football Fiction

Yet, it is not wrong to talk and write about all this possible signings. It is the obvious fiction about some other players being linked with Man United that creates the problem. The fake news are usual problem in football industry for some time now and it will not stop any time soon.

While in other branches, like politics, it is far newer concept, in football people almost got used to it. The latest news, which are hardly checked, but easily thrown online are about ‘possible interest’ of Manchester United in Arjen Robben and United ‘leaving the race’ for Renato Sanches, both the players of Bayern Munich.

Were Man United really in the race for Sanches? Jose Mourinho is ‘possibly interested’ in Robben? This does not work.

It is all modern football fiction. Though, it is not always right to blame the media. Clubs and agents might have their take into the problem too. Why would not an agent give ‘a story’ to a journalist, saying Manchester United – or any other big club, for that matter – are asking around about his player?

No One Cares Anymore

It gets his player linked with Man United in the media and other clubs might actually start calling and enquiring about the player. The agent gets what he wanted.

However, when a transfer is completed, no one is asking about all those wrong media reports. Because, it is impossible for media to be right when one player was linked with five different clubs. He can join only one.

Arjen Robben and Renato Sanches are just mere drops in the ocean of lies and half-lies that resurface every transfer window. Manchester United have a big part in that circus just because of their stature. Many reports are truthful and well-justified, but many are just grabbing attention.

Manchester United fans, do not worry. Do not take it too seriously. Just wait for the 1 September and enjoy the football, without the fake news frenzy.

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  1. Good article! It’s a huge problem and won’t stop until netproviders block access to the web for the hundreds of junk football blogs out there. What those people probably don’t realize is that by inventing stories every day with little or no truth in them, is that they gradually erase the confidence people have in the media in general. You can argue that football isn’t such a big deal but little by little, the trust erodes.

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