Manchester United 2-0 QPR Talking Points

Derry brings down Young in the penalty area

Author: Doron and Stretford_End

Manchester United beat Queens Park Rangers 2-0 at Old Trafford to go eight points clear at the top of the table. Manchester City’s defeat to Arsenal later in the day confirmed that United now have an eight point cushion with just six games to go. QPR had not travelled to United, in the league, since 1995 – when William Prunier graced the Old Trafford turf. United won the game 2-1 with Andy Cole and Ryan Giggs getting on the scoresheet, with Danny Dichio scoring for the visitors. This time round it was Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes who settled the tie for United. Here we discuss the talking points of the game and welcome comments from both United and QPR fans.

Shaun Derry and that penalty
I can’t imagine any red would defend the penalty decision that was given for a challenge on Ashley Young by QPR captain Shaun Derry. Firstly, Young was offside:

Ashley Young offside for United penalty

First of all, the ‘assistant referee’ is out of position and should be inline with Taiwo (who is near enough in line with Onuoha). He is looking straight across the line and must see that Young is offside. If the decision is given, Young will not be played in by Rooney to win the penalty.

In regard to the penalty, it is irrelevant as QPR should have won a freekick for Ashley Young being in an offside position, however I would argue that this was a big talking point of the whole match due to the decision give the penalty and the subsequent sending off – which ended the match as a spectacle. I think Ashley Young dived for the penalty following minimal contact by Shaun Derry. Derry’s arm is outreached and touches Young’s side:

Derry initial challenge on Young in the area

Young obviously feels the touch and decides to go to ground theatrically to win the penalty:

Shaun Derry challenge on Ashley Young 1

The penalty is award and Derry is send off. Both poor decisions, but it shouldn’t have got that far as United’s number eighteen was offside when the initial ball was played by Rooney.

Ashley Young wins a penalty
In the minutes that followed Derry’s red card and Rooney’s penalty yesterday, the reaction of former players on Twitter was fascinating. Young was apparently doing what any pro would do and try to gain an advantage for his team by winning a penalty. I can understand that point of view completely but I can’t necessarily agree with it. That said, I don’t think Young dived – to me, a dive is when a player goes down when there is no contact (think Downing vs United earlier this season). What Young did was to ‘go down easily’ having anticipated what was going to happen. Off balance having turned, Young was already starting to fall when Derry did make the tiniest of contact, enough for Young to ensure he went down and Derry was sent off. At the time I described it as “soft” – it could have easily not been given and I doubt many would have been able to complain.

Having given the penalty, the decision to send Derry off was the correct one. In fact, from the referee’s angle even if Derry had made no contact with Young’s shirt whatsoever, it would have looked like he did. Had Young simply fallen because he’d lost balance (nearly did happen), Lee Mason’s line of sight would have still made it look like Derry had done something. Hard to blame Mason or his linesman for this one. Incredibly harsh on QPR and a somewhat unnecessary appeal for a penalty by Young (he was off-balance so would have fallen anyway).

I’m not sure that QPR would have gone on to get anything from the game even with 11 men and without that penalty awarded – Hughes had set them up incredibly negatively and in fact going down to 10 men spurred them on and seemed to make United lose focus.

For me, the real crime yesterday wasn’t the red card or Ashley Young’s poor but successful attempt at winning the penalty, but the linesman’s failure to put his flag up for an offside decision against Young in the build-up. Young, clearly a yard offside was somehow played on by the linesman who, if anything was too far ahead of play, in line with Young rather than the last defender. If he gets that decision correct, the rest doesn’t follow. As it was, a decision wrongly went in our favour to add to the various conspiracy theories.

Paul Scholes
Patrick Vieira thought brining back Paul Scholes was a ‘sign of weakness’. Not too sure I understand bringing back a football genius that should only stop playing when he physically can’t walk anymore is a sign of weakness, but the results since his return against Manchester City in January indicate that it was a great move by Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes himself. Scholes spoke in the week about how much he enjoys playing compared to coaching and his MOTM performance against QPR backed up that claim.

Check United’s results since his return:
Manchester United results since Paul Scholes return

United have won every Premier League game since his return, expect for the 3-3 draw with Chelsea, where United were three goals down and fought back. He has scored in three goals since his return:

Paul Scholes goals 2011/12 so far

There is nothing more to say about Paul Scholes. His vision, finishing and knack of keeping the ball has been well document over the past twenty years. He may not be the box to box player that we once adored in in the mid to late 90s and well into the 21st century, but his influence and experience has been vital to United in the second half of the season.

8 points clear
Following United’s win over QPR, City went to Arsenal knowing a defeat would make their challenge of catching United even harder. City came up against a side hungry to regain third and Arsenal put in a brilliant performance to win 1-0 thanks to a late Arteta strike – Balotelli was shown a red card late on (not quite karma for a failure to send him off earlier in the game though). It means that with six games left to play, United need to win four of them to guarantee the title will stay in the red half of Manchester.

Next up is Wigan away midweek followed by Villa then Everton at home. Should United take maximum points from those three games they’d be a minimum of 11 points ahead of City when they kick off away to Wolves on the 22nd April knowing a failure to win their would gift United the title. With City starting to lose their heads and momentum, it’s looking more and more likely that either United will win the league at Eastlands on the 30th April or will be given a guard of honour by City as the already-crowned champions.

That said, this title is far from won yet, the games coming up in the next seven days could see United kick off against Everton just two points clear. Nevertheless, the swing of power has been incredible – United had made up more than 11 points over City and even now have a better goal difference having been more than 10 goals worse off than them. It’s a huge achievement for Fergie and the squad, helped by a tightened defence that’s kept 6 clean sheets in the last 8 home games compared to just 2 clean sheets in the first 8 home league games.

Finally, it’s starting to become a case of ‘when will United win it?’ as opposed to ‘will United win it?’.

Match Conclusion
The sending off ruined the game and ended the match as a contest. United would have most probably won the game over the course of the ninety minutes, but got a massive helping hand from the officials on the day. Wayne Rooney converted the penalty well and United went onto dominate the match, as you would have expected with QPR being down to ten men. Danny Welbeck and Rafael missed sitters, although Paddy Kenny should be pleased with his impressive performance on the day. Valencia, who has been in fine form of late, didn’t get passed Taiwo too many times – but Scholes and Carrick, the latter unlucky not to convert a thunderous drive in the second half, were top class.

Manchester United travel to Wigan Athletic on Wednesday in their next Premier League tie.

15 Comments on Manchester United 2-0 QPR Talking Points

  1. Was gutted Carricks shot never went in. What a hit! He’s been our most solid and consistent player this season and the return of Scholes has probably made him look even better than he is but he’s been superb for us. He’s a top top player there’s no doubt about it and deserves more praise. He does a job for us everytime he plays and although some are still not too convinced by him, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s been a success since he signed for us a couple years ago. He’s got a lot more to offer to MUFC and I hope he continues to go from strength to strength.

  2. I’d just like to have my say on the whole Ash Young ‘dive’ claims. In my opinion I don’t think he dived. And here’s why. The lad is not a big lad by any means. He’s extremely lean and thin and is not bulit like a Rooney or Vidic that’s for sure. So with that in mind, if he is running at pace in whatever direction and gets handed off or nudged he’s going to go down like a ton of bricks. Its that simple. I don’t think he dived and I don’t think he was trying to win a penalty and I may be biased but that’s just my opinion.

  3. Our strikers hernandez and super dan may not be firing like wayne is at the moment and they’re both definitely no van nistelrooys but I have a lot of faith in both of them. They’re both still young and can only improve. Besides for super dan’s shooting, his general play is top class it has to be said. He reads the game well, has a good football brain, looks for space, looks for the ball all the time, plays the 1-2’s and is a top top player in my opinion. He just needs to get his shooting right and there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll improve. Throughout his youth team days and reserves days he’s scored goals so let’s hope he gets going again. Both these lads will be very important over the next few years that’s for sure. They’ve been criticized lately but I have no doubt they’ll come good.

    Lastly…………..and now you’re gonna beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieve usssssssssssssssssss………..were gonnnnnnnnnnna win the league……..! Love it! 8 points clear at the top. Great stuff!

  4. Great result titlewise with city losing. Unless we totally crumble in the last six games this is as good as sealed.
    Regarding Ashley Young, let’s not kid ourselves. He dived. simple. and it infuriates me that stuff. utterly embarassing. ronaldo used to do it for us and it was embarassing. it’s just not united’s way. we dont need it. cut it out.

  5. I took my three boys to Old Trafford on Saturday as an away fan. Whilst I doubt that we would have got a result with eleven men, the match and our day out was completed spoiled by a poor decision and Ashley Youngs antics. We have to accept that cheating is part of the game but football is an expensive pastime nowadays and I am not sure if the fans thoughts count for much any more. If the FA are reluctant to use technology to assist officials they must consider post match retribution for cheating players and weak officials.

  6. max i dont know what youve been smoking or drinking. But youve got to give it up. Those Manchester United tinted glasses are not helping.
    Where is it that Ashley (Im a Cheat) Young was ever moving a the speed of light when Heman Shauan Derry touched so heavliy that he falls to the floor. He only went to ground because he was in the penitly area, if he was out side he would have taken the extra steps before going to ground.
    Its a cheating method seen week in week out throught the Premier league. The better players get the desicions for them.
    Mr Young now has to watch himself as he may now get a name as a diver. Cheaters they say never prosper. Im not sure in football all the top teams cheat and i bet get away with more than the rest.
    SO to say QPR only lost one nil to possibley the cham…..champ no i cant make myself to say it. (because the first goal should have never happened). We actually played better with 10 than we MIGHT had with 11.
    And finally can you remind us are you still playing in Europe. Whats that… no. I thought you got another chance after being knocked out of Champions League comp. What you got knocked out of the other comp as well. Well you glory hunters will have a moan regards that then.
    Its easy to support Manchester United. Not so easy to follow true football teams.

  7. As far as the offside rule states, you are only offside if in ACTIVE play. Active play is described as the player having touched the ball in an offside position. This was a FIFA rule brought out a couple of years ago. Ashley Young did not touch the ball before he fell in the penalty box so the linesman was correct. He was not in active play. Agreed it’s a very grey area as the ball was obviously intended for him and prior to this new ruling he would have been offside. I think people, including journalists, need to brush up on the correct interpretation of the current offside rule!

  8. Mike QPR says:If QPR got the same decision and it helped them stay up,what would you say if it was one of your players?Let me know. Tony

  9. @Mike QPR – thanks for the comment… “Its easy to support Manchester United. Not so easy to follow true football teams” – is one hell of a generalisation. It’s not healthy to believe that everyone who supports United is a “glory hunter”

  10. QPR fan here – no issue with United winning, and if we’d won with a dodgy penalty, given our position, I’d take it. Would I be so happy if one of my players was doing it week in / week out? Not so sure. Particularly if you want to be seen as the best team in the country. The think is, you are the best team in the country, and you don’t need to do it – and supporters such as Max tarnish the rest of you by stupidly defending it

  11. Young should have got the reputation for simulation(cue diving) by now because he has been doing this since his Villa days! Imagine a “cheating foreigner” doing this.
    Ashley Young is a diver, end of story.

  12. RWM you are clearly wrong.

    From the laws of the game document on

    “interfering with play” means playing or touching the ball passed or
    touched by a team-mate

    To make it even clearer, the scenario Ashely Young found himself in against QPR is described as offside:

    A player in an offside position (A) may be penalised before playing or
    touching the ball, if, in the opinion of the referee, no other team-mate in an
    onside position has the opportunity to play the ball.

    Maybe you need brush up on the correct interpretation of the current offside rule?

  13. RWM I think it is you who needs to brush up on your knowledge of the game, and attempt to take off your United-tinted glasses you fool. Would you not agree that an act of running after the ball, and then being “fouled” (or diving to the rest of us) makes him an active player. You are a cretin.

  14. RWM- wrong, just completely, utterly wrong- much like every one else who claims (A) the Shaun Derry tackle wasn’t a dive (B) the Ciaran Clark tackle wasn’t a dive and (C) Ashley Young isn’t a diving piece of shit

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