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Bryan Robson

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Manchester United legend and former captain Bryan Robson believes that his former side have the edge over neighbours Manchester City – and cited Sir Alex Ferguson’s zero-tolerance approach towards ill-disciplined players as the main reason between the two sides. Patrick Vieira spoke in the week about Paul Scholes and claimed that it was a ‘weakness’ on behalf of Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United for the midfielder’s return to the first team – overlooking the return of Carlos Tevez, who Roberto Mancini vowed would never play for the club again. Is it this type of ill-discipline that could prove the difference in the title run in?

Robson was quoted as saying:

“The Tevez saga, stories of Balotelli’s nights outs, Ferguson doesn’t allow it to happen in his club. He does man-management really well. That could be the biggest difference. You look at certain managers and you wonder, would they have left Rooney out? Ferguson had millions of injuries for that game – he was fielding a depleted team – but he still decided to leave Wayne out. The boss has shown that it doesn’t matter how good you are, you are not going to get away with it.”

He brings up some very good points. Rooney was dropped on New Year’s Eve for the fixture against Blackburn Rovers, where United were beaten 3-2. It is easy to state that Sir Alex should have included Rooney within the squad for a fixture that might have been different had United’s top goalscorer been on the field, however the bigger picture (and not to mention history) shows that all the players of any club need to know who the boss is, otherwise there are no boundaries – something that Robson is claiming Mancini fails to do with Balotelli and Tevez.

Ferguson has spoken before about “The manager being the most important person at a football club”, a quote that some might construe as arrogance. However, he is 100% correct – if there isn’t a commanding leader, someone in charge to state what is acceptable and what isn’t, then ‘your club is dead’, to quote Ferguson. I have no idea what Mancini’s management style is close up with players, whereas Ferguson’s has been documented in many books and documentaries. We saw Carlos Tevez cup his ears in celebrating a goal against West Ham at the end of the 2008/09 season, apparently aimed at the directors – something that Sir Alex laughed off, as he probably knew what was coming in the summer.

So is Robson right? Does Mancini have to be tougher with his players? Do Manchester United have the edge due to the way that Sir Alex deals with unruly players? Your thoughts are, as always most welcome in the comments box.

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  1. Yeah he’s right, none of Nited’s player ever did anything that would require them to be disciplined.
    Other than parties, shagging their sister-in-law and others, shagging grannies, pictures with guns, sex romps with hookers….

  2. ^Classic example of why the Internet can be wank. No one is “surprised” he believes united have the edge. The main discussion point is whether or not you agree with his comments that there is ill discipline at the club or not. Do you think there is?

    Edit – I’m on an iPhone so I don’t know how this will come out.

  3. No, Tevez stropped off, came back on Mancini and the club’s terms, after apologising to all and sundry. Mancini saying he would not play for the club again was immediately following ‘the game’ and no doubt emotions were high. He reflected on that and clearly stated many times that if apologised he would be welcomed back, the sign of a good manager right?
    Not sure what else you may be getting at as possible signs of ill-discipline though?

    Fights on the pitch? Happens at every club, all the ex pros say so and shows healthy competition.

    Balotelli’s late night, fined, dealt with.

    I’d prefer if you or Robson offered me examples of these perceived lacks of discipline, rather than me.

  4. Heavy Riffs. My ‘^’ was for the first comment, not yours – you just posted it quicker than I did! I’m only discussing a quote from a ex-player, who happened to be club captain, that raised a point of ill discipline, which I thought would be an interesting discussion point. You’ve put your points across well and it is clear you do not think there is a problem. Honest question – do you think Tevez would have played again under Fergie after the Bayern incident?

  5. Honest answer, yes if they needed him to drag them over the line, a-la Scholes, I see similarities in both.

  6. Nice to see old Robbo sober enough to string a sentence together for once, even if it is complete honk.

  7. Robson says “…stories of Balotelli‚Äôs nights outs. Ferguson doesn’t allow it to happen at his club”
    If it doesn’t happen at his club then why did he have to leave Wayne Rooney out?

    The fact that Ferguson has to discipline players shows that it does happen at his club. His players are no better behaved off the pitch than any other club’s!

  8. ha city Blue get lost. this is a united blog and website…what on earth are u doing here?
    get lost u shitty city fan. man shitty, with all that money u’ve only managed to buy one trophy which was instantly overshadowed by our record breaking 19th PL TITLE!
    anything u THINK u can do we can do better, every single time.
    go to your crappy etihad fan website

  9. @United Red
    I doubt you’re even ever been to OT pal, as English clearly isn’t your first language.

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