Wayne Rooney has scored more goals than Ronaldo so far

Rooney and Ronaldo

People used to label Cristiano Ronaldo a genius, a phenomenon and our star player – however, I wonder what superlatives are left to throw Wayne Rooney’s way, considering our number ten has already scored more Premier League goals than our old number seven last season.  Rooney has notched up 21 goals, so far, this season where as Ronaldo scored eighteen goals in 32 appearances.  It could even be fair to say that Rooney could reach the feat set by Ronaldo in the 2007/08 season.

So far Wayne Rooney has found the net against Arsenal twice, home and away, against Tottenham at White Hart Lane and a fantastic four against Hull City a couple of weekends ago. He even went on a bit of a lean spell, not scoring for a whole month after the 2-0 victory over Blackburn Rovers until netting a brace against Portsmouth at the end of November – but to be fair he did only play in two Premier League games (against Chelsea and Everton).

Rooney has been the furthest man forward this season, which is one of the reason contributing to his impressive return compared to previous seasons. Ronaldo was and still is one of the most talented footballers i’ve ever seen, however he wouldn’t have been able to achieve all he did without the sacrifice put in by Wayne Rooney. Time and time again in big matches Rooney could be found out on the left hand side – either to nullify the attacking threat of the full back – like Maicon or Sagna – whilst Cristiano would be the spearhead of the attack. With Ronaldo scoring goals in Madrid, Rooney has demonstrated the reasons as to why United fans see him as our talisman. Has Rooney changed his approach to the way he plays? No, he still works hard for the team – winning back possession of the football. He still has the ability to score amazing goals, whilst also notch up a number of ‘right place, right time’ goals – something you can’t necessarily teach.

So can Wayne Rooney surpass the goals tally of Ronaldo in the past two season? He only has three more to go (all competitions), so I think it is fair to say that this should be achievable. Reaching 42 goals though? That is something that i’m not too sure about – not because of the quality of Rooney, but because it was such a monumental achievement that I didn’t ever think i’d see a return like that again. By my calculations – we would have twenty one games left if we make it to the Bernabeu in May, which means that Rooney would have to notch up eighteen goals. That’s a strike rate of 0.85 goals per game. Considering his current strike rate of 0.74 goals per game (23 goals in 31 appearances) – it is achievable. United looked awesome in the game against Arsenal last week, with Rooney – in my opinion – starring and leading the line so well it gave Gallas and Vermaelen nightmares.

Whatever happens this season, Wayne Rooney has performed exceptionally, scoring vital goals in big games in all competitions. AC Milan await in the next round of the Champions League and I can’t see why he can’t continue his scoring run.

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  1. rooney is a more complete player but ronaldo is more clinical. the chances rooney misses in some games are riduclous.

  2. They’re different types of player so the comparisons will never be accurate.

    As you say Rooney sacrificed a lot to help Cristiano score all those goals. But I think that in itself tells a story. If Rooney was a better player then it would be Ronaldo that was sacrificed, not the other way around.

    Rooney on current form is probably the best striker in the world, but I doubt he’ll ever be truly on a par with the likes of Ronaldo and Messi simply because he doesn’t have as much natural talent.

    So while it’s great that Rooney is scoring lots of goals this season, I think the comparisons with Ronaldo are a little unnecessary. Particularly when Ronaldo missed the start of last season after undergoing ankle surgery and then took around a month to get back to full fitness after missing the entire pre season.

    Ronaldo has played 16 games for Madrid and scored 15 goals. For me he’s still the best in the world. He’s just a more complete player than Messi will ever be.

  3. I have to disagree with the previous comment. Ronaldo is more selfish where as Rooney would be just as happy setting up 4 goals as scoring them. If Rooney was more selfish he is more than capable of equalling or even surpassing Ronaldo’s exceptional season a couple of years back.

  4. Doesn’t have enough natural talent your having a laugh aren’t ye!!

    Ronaldo could never score the goals that Rooney did a couple of seasons back against Middlesbrough. A wonder volley into the opposite top corner after he lat the ball drop over his shoulder.

    In the same game a 35 yards inch perfect lob. What about the volley against Newcastle the season before?

    Ronaldo is more about power and pace.

    Messi is more about balance and poise.

    But none of them could have scored those type of goals. So I’m afraid that to say he hasn’t got enough natural talent. You must be the wacky backy!! LOL!!!

  5. Personally i’m a man utd fan! My blood cells hv the man u logo imprint..rooney’s the best there is currently..but rooney iznt nowhea to being compared 2 CR9 (formerly CR7)..dude’s frm another planet! Jst bcz he’s no longer on english soil we shldn’t devalue him!!

  6. As number 1 stated, Rooney blows innumerable chances, so may that I consider him one of the great wastrels of modern British football. There are days when it seems the guy couldn’t hit the side of a barn, and for all the superlatives being thrown around at the moment few people seem to realize that for all his goal scoring, most of them have been mere tap ins, simple headers, or short range goals – all laid on by the excellent work of his team mates. Nani suddenly firing, and the midfield seemingly coming to life at long last, are to account for Rooney’s sudden good fortune in the goals scored column, not a sudden Messi-like rise in ability to scythe through the opposition and make goals from nothing.

    Take the lovely goal scored against Arsenal – yes Rooney started it by laying off the ball back in defense, then running all the way up the pitch to be the one to finish off the move. But who received the ball, sprinted up the pitch with it past a posse of Arsenal defenders pressing in, and finished things off with a lovely weighted ball that beautifully set up Rooney to fire the ball into the net? Nani.

    Rooney has a long long way to go to catch up to the many plaudits being thrown his way. His disposal and decision making have a long way to go before reaching maturation of a level even remotely close to the Messi’s of this world, his shot taking (especially in terms of accuracy) needs a great deal of work, and his positioning and vision, his sense of awareness regarding his team mates, also needs improvement.

  7. no,no,no,no

    I love this blog and everything but nothing irritates me more then when the two of them are compared. They are completely different players. I don’t get why people want or feel the need to compare them. They were a duo, a partnership and like any duo or partnership, the two involved are usually very different, both using the others strengths.

    Also: “If Rooney was more selfish he is more than capable of equalling or even surpassing Ronaldo’s exceptional season a couple of years back”

    But he hasn’t exactly been unselfish this year has he. He only has 3 assists and If he sees a chance, he goes for it. Ron that season was on another planet. The goals just kept flying in and they flew in as Hargreaves once said from anywhere and everywhere.


    to the blog creator, it wasn’t 41 Ronaldo scored, it was 42. I simply can’t see Rooney doing it I am afraid. I can see him getting around 33-35 though which is still brilliant. And ‘however he wouldn’t have been able to achieve all he did without the sacrifice put in by Wayne Rooney’. That is partly true, however why are people ignoring the step up by our midfielders and wingers this season, who have been producing fantastic service to wazza? I mean rooney got all the credit for that goal yesterday but what about that cross from fletch?

    it just annoys me a bit how people compare people to ronaldo. either valencia or rooney or nani. ronaldo has gone now and his contribution should be remembered fondly whilst moving on. we don’t need to keep comparing everything he did to what players now are doing. you don’t see milan fans comparing kaka to shevchenko

    rooney is my favourite united player alongside giggsy and ronaldo is my favourite outside united, but both for different reasons

  8. Agree with Stephen (3).

    Rooney is much less selfish than Ronaldo and, once he has scored, wants his teammates to score to help their confidence and team morale – which is why he should make captain. He is a playmaker, which Ronaldo has never been.

    The only area where Ronaldo betters Rooney is in fee kicks, but I believe that Rooney will get better at that too.

  9. For what it’s worth I wouldn’t say Rooney is as good as Ronaldo or Messi YET; I think by settling in and scoring at a sensational rate Ronaldo is showing that he is without doubt the best, yes we United fans gave Rooney a lot of credit last season for doing the donkey work, but Ronaldo is demonstrating that Rooney’s work wasn’t the sole reason for his goal tally.

    It is feasible that Rooney could match the 42 but he would really have to go some; however should he not then we shouldn’t view it as a disappointment. The whole team has got 18 more goals than at this stage last season, we’ve scored 3 or more in over half our games, that’s an extraordinary rate.

    So while I wouldn’t say Rooney is as good as Ronaldo; I think it’s fair to say that Rooney is more important to United than what Ronaldo was.

    I think Messi is benefitting from the fact that we see him as an exotic choice because he hasn’t and is unlikely to ever play in England, we’re guilty of over glamourising Barca players (and Real players for that matter).

    Timbo; you mention Rooney’s part in the goal last weekend and credit Nani – wasn’t Rooney’s part in Ronaldo’s goal at the Emirates last May almost identical?

    Rooney’s achievements and his contribution to those achievements is on a par with Messi and at the same level. Is anyone saying he’s the finished article? No. Does he have room for development? Of course he does. The good thing is that he knows that and he works on it; the results are quite plain to see, he said he worked on his heading throughout last season, look at how many he has this year.

    By the same token you can’t say Messi or Ronaldo are complete. Messi is so one footed it’s unbelievable- yes he more than compensates for it with his left but you can’t deny he would be more complete if he was better on his right, it’s self-defining. Ronaldo could work harder for the team, too. He does have a great work ethic in general and his single-mindedness is usually a great attribute but we saw in Rome that even though he is the best there are clearly things he could improve upon.

    And, as Stephen said above, just as Ronaldo has the impressive dead ball skills or heading ability; just as Messi has the whippet like ability to dribble; Rooney has something that neither of those have with the ability to score the kind of goals he has done.

    While I would go along with the notion that Rooney isn’t quite as good as either of them yet, I would say that he has played as well or even better than them this season and that the difference in quality isn’t such that “he has a long long way to go”. His performances this season should clearly show that.

    I’m fairly confident that in 2 or 3 years time Rooney will have matured to the level that his intelligence will be similar to that of Cantona, he has the inherent and raw ability but lacks the maturity that comes with the composure and experience that only time can bring.

  10. K-STAND; cheers for the kind comments.

    Though I didn’t write this blog I know that it isn’t meant as a comparison piece, more to highlight that Rooney has really flourished and shown that he is capable of scoring a similar number of goals as what Ronaldo did while wondering if his current rate would match the record haul- let’s be fair, before the season, there were quite a few doubters and now that he has got more than what Ronaldo did last season it’s only right that we highlight it.

    Obviously due to the nature of it it will seem like a comparison but we don’t really need to go down that road, both as you say are different players and brilliant to watch in their own right. As I said before all the top players generally have something that someone else doesn’t.

  11. I didnt expect here to hype Rooney – and not saying you did.

    I just hope england will let the kid, notch it up, to that actual top, where chance ==kill!

    Rooney, massively improved he is, isnt righ there yet.

    But I have no doubts whatsoever that he, has the enthusiasm, and the ability to reach that level.

    Until then. Its a good thing…

  12. @Yolkie, succinctly put mater, saved me time. Importance, talent, potential are variables that cannot be quantified always. Great players in their own right and would have been a deadly combination if both played up front for a long time!!!!

  13. One’s a winger, one’s a striker…. this is a pointless excercise, trying to compare them. Rooney has developed into a great striker can play as a lone, support or main striker. Ronaldo is an unbelievable player who is just as effective out wide. Now, if Rooney was still playing wide this season and had scored the amount of goals he has, THEN you could compare them. Rooney is one of the top 2 or 3 players in the premiership, Ronaldo is one of the top 2 or 3 players in the world.

  14. Roontastic; come on.

    Rooney has been unbelievable this season, not just goals, but his all round game. He is developing in to the spearhead of the team from being the “mere” heartbeat of it previously. One of the top 2 or 3 in the League? He’s streets ahead of anyone. I would say Ronaldo is the best in the world but I would also say there is a case to be argued that after Ronaldo and Messi you could put Rooney as third.

    I know Kaka and Xavi certainly have cases too and Rooney’s consistency would really need to pan out more over a 2 year period to really flesh out my opinion but I believe that it will.

    Ronaldo was never just a wide player in the last 2 seasons which was why Rooney was put wide so many times. But, considering he hit 20 from wide last season without pens or freekicks, doesn’t that really answer your own point?!

  15. Firstly, thank you for all the comments, really appreciate your contribution to the blog. I have been out all day at the christening, so sorry if you comment took some time to come through.

    I would also like to apologise for my poll title. I was somewhat confused when I read the ‘comparison’ comments made on my post. I don’t think that compared them once, I was merely discussing their value to the club when they play. After reading my poll title, that wasn’t clear and it looked like I was comparing both players, like for like. It was more of a ‘if you were picking the Ballon D’or, who would you pick’ OR who is/was more valuable to the United cause.

    Having said that, I don’t believe we should be so rigid when comparing player. Both players can operate through the middle, both can operate out wide and both have their stregths and weaknesses. For example would you compare Gabriel Batistuta and Alan Shearer, even though both their styles were completely different? But they were both forwards? What about Maicon and Roberto Carlos, both are full backs but played on different sides?

    Andy Roxburgh of UEFA have said a number of times that the most dangerous attackers are those who start out wide and cut inside. Rooney and Ronaldo are both versatile players who can operate across the forward line.

    The point of the blog was to highlight the impressive goals return from Wayne Rooney in comparison to that of Cristiano’s goal tally from the previous season. In terms of ability, that wasn’t up for comparison – more their value. Ronaldo is better in the air, is better at dribbling and has a more ruthless streak. Wayne Rooney make more intelligent runs, has better vision and works his bollocks off for the team.

    K_STAND_MEMBER – thanks your comments and also the correction on 41 goals to 42. I must have been in such a rush this morning – but that is now updated. I acknowledge that Rooney’s assist are minimal compared to that of Giggs or Nani for example – but we both know that a forward that never sits still opens space up for a player to make a decisive pass for another to latch on to. I agree regarding Fletcher’s cross, different class – although James should have come for it. Valencia has been brilliant this season – top notch – I guess their isn’t enough time for me to run through everything that I’m happy with! Hope to have you comment more often, good post.

  16. i’m a die hard man united fan but i can’t see how rooney is as good as ronaldo,he is a striker and does is job very well. But his goals are usually tap in and close range shots(i’m greatful for every one of them).though he has impressed everyone with his improvement and the way he has stepped up. he should thank the midfield for quality service into the box.

    saying that………i think he is more effective than ronaldo but only by a small margin.

    rooney is a striker and scoring goals is what he’s supposed to do where as ronaldo scores goals because he’s just so good at it.

    P.S-Ithink man u will thrash chealsea at old trafford.

  17. Rooney is a STRICKER.

    Ronaldo was a winger.

    Put Rooney as a Winger.. and Ronaldo as a STRICKER.. and we revise the stats!

    Am sure rooney wud score ZERO goals.
    So Ronaldo is by miles.. the much better player in every way.

  18. it is ridiculous to compare Rooney and Ronaldo. Ronaldo is better than Rooney to succed outside such as ENglish premier ligue and Spanish ligue is amazing he has proved that he can play anywhere adjust to any place and succeed due to his skills and you do not see many players like Ronaldo or Messi.
    Rooney is too far to be the best and i would not pay that kind of money for someone who is not scoring or in form many players never return to their best a good example Owen, if he was that good italians or Spanish would make a good offer how many English players had succed outside England ? MEssi and Ronaldo are 2 BEst in the world now

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