Match Report: Fulham 2-0 Manchester United

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Murphy scores a penalty
Shambolic Manchester United crumbled to an embarrassing defeat at Craven Cottage to provide a major sign that the championship will be surrendered to Chelsea or Liverpool – but have every reason to be aggreived at referee’s Phil Dowd despicably biased performance.

A first half penalty from average ex-Liverpool player but constant United scourge Danny Murphy and a last gasp classy strike from Zoltan Gera were enough to secure victory for the home side but Dowd’s ridiculous decision to send off Wayne Rooney with the away team gaining momentum could be the defining moment in the title race.

Sir Alex Ferguson rung the changes after last weeks capitulation to Liverpool but Paul Scholes and Berbatov were abysmal, while Park was anonymous and Vidic’s replacement Jonny Evans appeared to lack significant confidence A penalty awarded midway through the first half was just about Dowd’s only decent decision of the day – Scholes’ inexcusable handball on the line was the catalyst for United’s subsequent downfall, and Murphy gladly accepted the invitation to score from the spot.

Wayne Rooney was brought on for the awful Berbatov at the break but the Champions continued to falter with ten men – Rooney, Ronaldo and Fletcher all missing chances with Park even guiltier, before United got a free kick placed where Ronaldo would strike, around 35 yards out.

Rooney threw the ball back and no-one caught it – and Dowd saw fit to give the striker a second yellow, and in doing so, dispel all of United’s momentum, write off the rest of the game, and ensure United were unable to appeal the pathetic decision, rendering forthcoming games an even greater obstacle. Dowd is an experienced referee and this appalling decision will doubtless be welcomed nationwide but Rooney’s dismissal was a simply incredible move.

The title challenge for the Red Devils shows signs of 98 and 2002 and is clearly on the rocks, and honorary Scouser Phil Dowd will have every reason to pat himself on the back tonight – though Sir Alex Ferguson, subsequently, will surely have every reason to request that Dowd is not considered for future United games.

None of this should detract from Fulham’s performance, who, after such media encouragement, were fully deserved winners, but nevertheless Dowd’s deliberate decision at a crucial point in the game could be the most powerful moment of the season.

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  1. What is incredible is your lack of understanding of the rules and the idiotic piece of petulance by Rooney. It was a 100% stonewall yellow card. Also, Ronaldo should not have been on the pitch by that time and should be looking at a 3 match ban, so count your blessings.

  2. If you throw that ball in anger that is dissent. That’s what Rooney did and it was stupid. He was angry at the referee and he threw the ball hard to show he wasn’t happy with him. He doesn’t have to throw it at the ref, even if he throws it at the ground it’s dissent. It’s an almost automatic yellow card, and you should direct any anger at Rooney, not the ref.

  3. Actually, you’re completely mistaken. Rooney’s petulant display of adolescent anger came AFTER Gera had scored Fulham’s second goal, and Man U had zero momentum at that moment. Take off your partisan glasses and see it for what it was. Dowd did a reasonable job; Scholes had to go, and so did Rooney. Watch the replay. Fulham’s Pantsil was booked in the first half for a non-existent foul, and Ronaldo was lucky to still be on the pitch at the end after a display of ludicrous theatrics. Why a player of such obvious talent resorts to that sort of girly patomime again and again is beyond me. United lost the game to a much better side on the day (they were battered and outshot 15-2 in the first half), but more worrying is the way they completely lost their composure.
    May is going to be interesting…..

  4. I posted this here where I watch the games, and that all I got to say
    I guess things look so bad in realtime….this game wasnt as bad as this thread suggests.

    The scoreline is unacceptable from the viewoint of united, but that was how it must feel when Hull demolished Arsenal the other day, but with 10men, I think not, that the players are woeful today as someone said. They are not stellar, surely but they werent a monumental disgrace, for me.

    The scholes sending off, to me, seems like a knee-jerk reaction altho the ref has no choice. Another bad day for Scholes, but I can live with that.

    Rooney’s sending off, to me, is also very immature, but it is that mentality that makes winners so I ‘l live with it, even if Rooney’s always had it coming! Lets hope he learns finally from this.

    To the game proper, Tennis pundits always say, Tennis is so mental; I think the parallel goes here too. ==Confidence

    Confidence is so key, so darn key in football, its the stuff that is so innately built as foundations for the champions of the game be it the Zinedine Zidane Juventus or Patrick Kluiverts Ajax, or the Ronaldinho’s Barcelona. Once that is any slighly deflated / shocked, the whole notion of championship-ism takes flight. It disappears.

    This is when the stuff of legendary management comes in.I dont have any doubt that SAF is up to the task of finding confidence for his team, but yes! when the gods cry, the blood flows.

    All anti-united football gangs the world over must have had a great 8 days of glory, in a twisted way, as the fete of the gods of football, seems to bring them endless beer and orgasmic non-stop blessings….

    I’d say, ENJOY it all, its the reason we watch the sport. I am loving this

    SAF has it cut out for him, if we are evver going to win this, but as much as I like Berbatov on the ball, I think he is not livign up the bill; In a sense, he is currently our Bendtner.

  5. “Dowd’s ridiculous decision to send off Wayne Rooney with the away team gaining momentum…”

    Excuse me? You were 2-0 down at that point and it was the last minute of the game. Try taking your red glasses off for one minute…

  6. theres no disputing the scholes red card you can see from his reaction that he was on his way off before the ref showed the card

    rooney if he had of gone straight off might of got it resinded, but his whinging meant if anything he should get an extra ban. before anyone disputes that one word

    ronaldo should have been off aswell he whinged to the ref refused to go to him to be talked to i was shocked there wasn’t a booking that tackle was a disgrace off the ground studs showing, the he whinged again and shoulda been done for dissent
    pretty much cronaldo could have had 2 red cards in thats game

  7. It’s totally unreasonable to blame the ref for this result. Both Scholes and Rooney deserved their red cards, and we couldn’t have had too many complaints if Ronaldo had been sent off as well. As for United’s momentum, it had all gone before Rooney’s moment of madness.

  8. Apologies for the glaring chronological error. In my defence I was in Florida watching the game, and hurriedly wrote the report as I was packing.

    I concede therefore Dowd’s decision to send off Rooney didn’t cost United the game as even with our fabled knack of rescuing games late on we probably couldn’t have scored 2 in the last minutes even with 11 men.

    Drewku – I will stand by the opinion that the decision to send off Rooney was simply ridiculous. You seem to support this by saying Dowd had an OK game and then stating that he booked Paintsil for a non existent foul – do two wrongs really make a right?

    I have non-United supporting mates, all of whom have (while admittedly laughing) conceded Rooney’s sending off was a totally bad decision. I’ve heard a few comparisons to Mascherano but to be fair Mascherano deserved to go as he’d been warned for the same incident time and time again. Rooney was booked for a single incident that was so far from dissent in any way to halt Fulham that it was unbelievable.

    His behaviour while going off the pitch was nothing to be proud of but this is what everyone speaks of when defending Rooney (myself included). I wouldn’t want him to accept such stupid refereeing, the day he walks off a pitch and accepts that in those conditions is the day I stop supporting him as a player. Also, I had no complaints about Scholes’ red other than with the player himself. At 30+, hundreds of games at the highest level, at such an early stage in the game, he should have just jumped or let it go in. It was a stupid choice that should have been left for the last minute if the score was 0-0 or 1-0 to us (I’m not suggesting it’s right in those circumstances but those are the times you expect to see such elaborate “sacrifices”).

    I seem to have read a lot of opinions that support Dowd’s performance but complaining that Ronaldo should have gone / Painstil shouldn’t have been booked etc.

    I also found it interesting that so many people praised the referee in the United/Liverpool game – I wonder how many would have if the game had finished 1-0 – how many people would have instead claimed United had benefitted from dodgy refereeing. (I’m not saying we were on the rough end of the referee last week, merely pointing out how fickle people are)

    There seems to be a national celebration whenever United are shafted by the referee and whenever the opposition commits a misdemeanour it’s always “United win cos of the dodgy ref”.

    In closing I’ll accept critcism for the (honest) chronological misfit in this report but those accusing me of doing so due to bias should look at the content of their own comment and ask themselves if they were totally down the line.

  9. I think Rooney red card was a mistake made by the ref because he just throw the ball on the ground but not straight to the ref. He may throw it with anger because fulham was leading by two goal to nil and that is disapointment.

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