FourFourTwo’s best players in the world….

You may or may not read the best football magazine on the planet in FourFourTwo, but you can’t deny they kick up a hell of a debate when they release their list of the best players in the world – with a number of United players featuring. To be honest, its not rocket science predicting who is number one and i’d be concerned if Cristiano Ronaldo weren’t to be nominated as the best player in the world. Ronaldo was second last year to Kaka, who has dropped down to fifth place. The most noticeable United drop is that of Paul Scholes who fell from 17 to 95 – something I disagree immensely but hey thats what the list is there for!

United players in the top 100:

(1) Ronaldo

(9) Ferdinand

(24) Rooney

(34) Vidic

(37) Berbatov

(40) Evra

(48) Tevez

(95) Scholes

You may or may not agree with the players included or you may not entirely agree with the list but it does make some great viewing and gets a good debate going. For instance accordingly to the list Ballack is a better player than Rooney, Terry is a better defender than Vidic and Mascherano is apparently more important than Berbatov, Tevez and Scholes. What do you think of the players included? Do you think other players such as Anderson and Carrick should be included? I will try and get the rest of the list later on.  For the record, Chelsea have 12 players in the list, Arsenal 4 and Liverpool 3 – a bit like the European awards where Cech, Terry and Lampard won the best awards for their positions!

You can have your say on the list from their football blog.

Ronaldo won’t be winning any fashion awards this year…feel free to scrub your eyes with sandpaper.

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  1. Ronaldo shouldn’t be number 1 after all he did this summer to us, I would have given it to Messi who was amazing at Old Trafford this season. Scholes should be higher and I would have included Van Der Sar as well.

  2. Ronaldo is a no brainer. I love that they have Ferdinand and Vidic, the two centrebacks, so high. Those two – as a tandem – are the best in world and absolutely vital to the winning and beauty behind United’s current team.

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