Now Calderon backs away from Ronaldo transfer

Ramón Calderón says that “There is no case for Ronaldo” in an amazing U-turn by that Spanish gospel, Marca.

He went on to state that Real Madrid would not pay 100 million euros for “any player”, further distancing himself from a move that seemed increasingly likely over the weekend. 

“There is no case for Ronaldo as Manchester United don’t want to sell him.. in any case, Real Madrid will not pay €100m for any player”, Marca reports Calderón as saying.

United released a statement on Friday refuting any possibility of an agreement to sell Ronaldo, and the winger’s ego must have been dealt a bodyblow at the Real Madrid president’s public distancing given previous declarations of a lavish salary and declaring that money would be no object in his pursuit of Ronaldo.

With a stay at Old Trafford looking increasingly on the cards, Ronaldo finds himself in a situation where he may have to placate fans that he previously seemed to have no problem in upsetting. The fact that he has made no clear statement lays in his favour, but nonetheless, many United fans have been unsettled by the star’s reluctance to make a public declaration of an intent to stay.

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  1. Now then, wouldn’t that be something?. If Real M back down on wanting to buy Ronaldo, and he has to face the response of United fans that he has pissed off with his non commitalism. I think he might eventually be accepted again, but I cannot believe his name will be chanted from the rafters, home and away, as it has in past seasons. He will no doubt get the silent treatment for a while, hearing the names of other players being chanted before his. We still don’t know though if Real M are just playing games again though, do we?.

  2. Real Madrid is like a crack hoe … will do anything for money but doesn’t have any and thinks shes pretty because she has to … meanwhile she’s as ugly as hell. THIS IS A GREAT TEAM?

    They are government subsidized for a reason … they can’t make it based on FOOTBALL OPERATIONS!

    Sure they could still be playing but look at the game!

  3. LOL Barrington – crack whore, now that’s a new one!. But your right about their monetary situation m’thinks. All talk and no substance!.

  4. It’s just a GAME….. A Game that Real Madrid want to play in order to unsettle Ronaldo, unsettle Manchester United, and eventually, try to get their man at the cheapest possible price!!!!!!

    Manchester United should be aware of that dirty trick. With this kind of situation, the Red Devils should set the price up for selling Ronaldo. If the figure of around 80 million pounds have been mentioned and Real Madrid are not preparing to pay, it will make Ronaldo understand the situation better and will make him accept the fact, and concentrate on life at Manchester.

    On the other hand, If Real Madrid really want to sign Ronaldo, they will have to pay what everyone expect them to pay for the best player in the world, especially to get the player from the richest club in the world like Man.United. Then the money will be utilised by our fantastic manager like Sir Alex, and we all will be welcoming new world class players like Benzama, Berbatov, Robinho, Ben Arfa, Messi, or even Kaka….

    On the other hand, if Real Madrid

  5. Let’s see if this spoilt brat now, whether he will come begging or convince calderon to pay 100m for him. I don’t want ronaldo anymore at Man Utd not even in the reserves, he doesn’t deserve wearing our shirt. I am now more convinced how megalomaniac this player is. He never played for the team but only for himself and his exagerated ego. Please Sir Alex show him the door and the red carpet to leave to Madrid +100m, and I will be the happiest person on earth. I would like to see him playing at Madrid and see how many players will play for him(remember RVN) and how many goals he will score, and how many minutes will he stand on his feet?
    Its his dream and now its also mine. We weill see his decline.
    Legends(NOT RONALDO) have left and Legends will come but MAN UTD WILL STILL BE THE GREATEST CLUB ON EARTH.

  6. what a joker he and his manager both say they will pay any price
    and now theres a limit
    will sod off and bother kaka again

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