So just who is Fergie’s “one target”.. and what position does he play?

Tomorrow, July 1st, marks the official start of the transfer window.This time last year United fans were pinching themselves to hope that the moves for Anderson, Nani and Hargreaves were all completed and official after an early pre-season swoop.

This pre-season we’ve not had David Gill looking very pleased with himself walking through an airport, instead subjected to constant media speculation over a certain number 7’s future.

Indeed, even the most ardent United fan could be forgiven for forgetting that it was less than 6 weeks ago that we won the European Cup. The European Cup, for christ’s sake!

With the European Championships over (congrats to Spain, easily the best side in the competition), and Fergie due to start back at work today, you would expect some activity on the transfer front (at least on the arrivals side of things). Pique has left, 5 kids were officially released last week, while Saha and Silvestre look certain to have played their last game for the club – if we can find any takers, that is.

Speaking at the Great Scots Cup golf tournament for charity, Sir Alex said, “Managers are back at their clubs and you can get some dialogue now if they are interested, but I wouldn’t think (we would buy) any more than one player… We are looking at one or two things.” Worrying for fans such as myself who had concerns that our lack of depth in defence (full back areas, at least), a need for another striker, and surely a need for extra creativity given how we struggled when Rooney was absent last season, despite the heroics of Ronaldo.Fergie could of course be holding his cards close to his chest but when looking at his comments we should at least examine how we are stocked if they are true. One signing, would surely mean a defender coming in – the development of Anderson and Nani, the addition of Manucho to the first team squad, a fully fit Hargreaves, and a full pre-season from Tevez may be enough to persuade the gaffer that we need no back up going forward. The sale of Pique and the likely sale of Silvestre is accompanied by the fact that aside from Simpson, we have no defenders to come in with any kind of first team experience. Neville should return, but at left back we would be horribly exposed should Evra get a knock. And, for all the speculation, there has not been one left back seriously linked with the club – Veloso of Sporting appears to have his heart set on a move to Milan, while Lahm recently signed a new contract at Bayern, and I don’t expect either of the Brazilian twins to be ready for the first team on arrival.

Manucho, at 25, could only have been signed with a view to have an instant impact after his acclimatisation period in Greece. Whether he will get games or whether he will make a good impact is open to debate – whether he is the player fans would identify as the man they want leading the line in the absence of Rooney or Tevez surely isn’t.

In the wake of Fergie’s comments, there must be a good few fans concerned that the club will do as it did in 1999 – no progress, no statement of intent, instead just replacing what is lost in the squad.

What do you think? Is Fergie playing a poker face with the intention of quietly pulling off major coups? Or do you believe his comments, and think just one player will be signed – if so, who?

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By Yolkie 

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  1. I thought that SAF said a few weeks ago that he was going to look at a long term replacement for Giggs during the summer. His plans have been thrown into dissaray by Ronaldo and clubs like spurs looking for too much money for Berbatov (£30 million), Lyon £48 Million for Benzema, Boswinga went to Chelsea. Not too much quality available so he’ll probably stick with what he has unless Ronaldo goes, then he will have to spend.

  2. What we did in 99? We won the Premiership for the next two years and with better finishing from Andy Cole at the Bernabeu could have reached another European Cup final. The blip started in summer 2001 when we signed Veron and disrupted the best midfield in the world. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The team is young and improving, let’s not mess with it. New right back is all we need especially now Ronaldo looks to be staying.

  3. Chris – I can’t speak on behalf on Yolkie, but I believe his angle may be that although we did win three in a row (an amazing achievement by a superb side) the side could have gone on even further had we had added two or three more qualities players to an already impressive side; a bit like we did last summer, which resulted in the double.

    We went out to Real Madrid in 2000 due to an own goal from Keane and Silvestre gifting Raul two goals – I think that we only started playing once we were three down. We then went out to Bayern the season after with Keane publicly criticising a number of players. If we’d have had more competition for places then that attitude may not have been so evident. It’s all if’s and but’s, however I think that is where he is coming on – i’m sure he will have his say soon.

    Then there is the flip side of bringing in two quality players after having dominated for three seasons domestically (Veron and VanNistelrooy and losing Stam and brining in Blanc). So I do agree with regarding upsetting the balance of the side. We have a great young squad but retaining both trophies will be a monster feat and in order to do so (in order to keep some younger players grounded aswell) we could bring in one or two more players.

  4. Yeah, I was just really echoing Keano’s sentiments of the time.

    But this isn’t 1999 and though we have a great young team, Chelsea are a formidable monster and can just replace whichever cog isn’t working. They were only 3 points and two penalty kicks away from our achievements – they are strengthening and at present, we’re losing players and not strengthening.

    I don’t mean signings in terms of Veron (yes, that was a bad move, but people forget that changing the midfield was Fergie’s intention, he thought that was the way forward in Europe, and it almost paid off save for a plucky Leverkusen side), I’m not saying the team dynamic needs a overhaul. We don’t need to add a Kaka or a Messi.

    But, if Evra gets injured there’ll only be O’Shea to cover.. if Rooney or Tevez get injured or stuggle to make an impact, if the game is crying out for a deadly finisher we don’t have a Solskjaer at our disposal, or if we need an aerial threat then, again, we’re stuck with Fergie throwing O’Shea on up front..

    As I stated, he could very well use Manucho and I’ll give the lad every chance, but he is at the minute unproven. The unknown factor and unpredictability could well work in our favour, but as it stands I’m not totally convinced. I would love to be proved wrong.

    In any event, it still leaves us short at left back and although I do actually think Sheasy is not half as bad as some people make out, he is not the solution if Evra was to get injured. I don’t think adding a backup left sided defender or an extra striker would necessarily upset the balance of the team, if anything I think thats what we’re crying out for.

    Our first XI is the best in Europe, but we need to have a plan B incase our plan A isn’t as successful as it was last season.

  5. I agree Yolkie, and Fergie did actually say in his interview, that he was looking at One or Two things. So what does he mean by that?. At the end of the season he was saying that we definately needed another full back, and a striker. So what has changed that I don’t know. Yet I still think we may bring in two. On the other hand, it may be down to funds available, because there is rumours in the press today, that they are going to extend and increase CR7’s contract, and wages, if he agrees to extend to 7 years. Also, he wants United to do everything to keep Carlos Quiroz, and that will obviously mean financial gain and certain promises of the Manager’s position when Fergie goes. Word is he has accepted the Portugal job. I hope not, because we need him to stay and give us some stability with the Ronnie saga rumbling on, and still not certain.

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