Scolari makes public denial of unsettling Ronaldo comments

The Portuguese FA have issued a statement on behalf of the new Chelski boss steadfastly refusing that he has made any comments attriubuted to him by the media concerning Ronaldo’s future.

“Luiz Felipe Scolari denies having made any of the declarations printed concerning the future of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Furthermore, the national team coach has not made any contact with the media since the end of the match between Portugal and Germany when he spoke about the quarter-finals of Euro 2008.

The statement concludes :

“Luiz Felipe Scolari regrets that his name is being used in connection with speculation and lies, and takes this opportunity to deny in advance any alleged declarations used by the media without their authenticity being thoroughly confirmed.”

While I do believe Big Phil has been bending Ronnie’s ear a bit it’s actually good of the Portuguese FA to do this – all official news over the last week has been settling for United fans who actually want Ronaldo to stay, and though the man himself is┬árumoured to announce in the next couple of days his official desire to join Real Madrid, it could now be that he will wait at least until after being assessed by United’s medical staff back at the club – meaning that any direct comment may wait until he’s spoken to Sir Alex, who is due back from holiday over the weekend.

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  1. How many times have we heard Ronaldo say, “I will speak in 2 or 3 days. you will all hear what I have to say soon?.” Does anybody really believe him anymore, because I sure as F*** don’t. He has played this same comment too many times now. I wonder what the percentage is of the United fans who really do want CR7 to stay with our club. It would be interesting to know, just how much good will he has left with the United faithful. Anybody know if there has ever been a poll done on this, on any of the United sites?.

    I believe Scolari even less than I believe CR7. Still, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, because why would he have come out and issued an official statement. Perhaps Scolari will sue the paper concerned, and get monies as Ronaldo did. Still credit to Ronnie that he gave the dough to charity. I agree with you, that Scolari will have been bending Ronnie’s ear, but seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry, from all other clubs worldwide are doing the same. Very few seem to be telling him to stay. Are we becoming unpopular as a club do you think?. If so, people are either misinformed, or don’t know what’s good for them. But then, it’s always been UNited against the world – LOL!.

  2. I’ll be honest Craig Mc, I had a mail about your very theory published on football365 the other day, and it was responded to in the next mailbox and basically rubbished by idiots who didn’t read my email – my primary point, as you will see if you have a look, was about a Sky Sports News reporter who was borderline harassing Ronaldo. Of course, I sent an email responding to the idiots who replies and highlighting the idiots who must run football365, of course, it wasn’t published.

    Their job is to cater to the majority regardless of facts, no matter how stupid they look, and the majority, at least at present, is strongly ABU. Having won a double and made a mockery of the medias claims of how great Arsenal were, how it was Liverpools year, and how Grant would perform a miracle, there’s a backlash to be had and the best way to prepare it is to turn United fans against Ronaldo via the media – even though the bloke has himself publicly, twice, said he wants to stay.

    Out of interest, mine is the second to last mail printed here –,17033,8744_3709909,00.html

  3. None of the above, by the way, detracts from my opinion I believe Ronaldo will probably leave this summer. His silence alone when repeatedly questioned has created a great amount of discontent among United fans, and in that sense, the media will have done their job in making a return unfathomable.

    That said, if Fergie turns it around and stands by what he said, I’ll be impressed. Whether or not I’ll warm to Ronaldo again after the almighty battle of conscience I faced two years ago is another matter.

  4. Yeah, I saw that sky reporter trying to get Ronnie to ‘fess up’ to United fans just what his intentions were on going or staying. TBH though Yolkie, CR7 didn’t come over too good either did he?. Ronnie was squirming in his seat, looking very embarrased, and doing his best to yet again avoid giving straight answer. I mean if his intentions are to stay, surely he just needed to keep re-iterating, “Yeah I’m staying” every time he was ever asked. Yet one day he would say yes I stay, and the next well I want to play for Real M, so he did not help his cause with United fans.

    I read your email to 365. You communicated the thoughts of media conspiracy very well!. Do you really think it is a media conspiracy to unsettle United fans, and get CR7 out?. I’m not totally convinced Yolkie, but it could be of course. I am wondering whether Real M are having second thoughts about signing Ronnie, especially if there is someone else who has caught their eye at the Euro’s. Lets face it, CR7 didn’t exactly prove himself the world No1 in the tournament did he?. They may be now trying to wriggle out of the big amounts quoted. Or they may feel they have the upper hand now, because Ronnie is wanting to play for them, and they feel they can mess with us, because CR7’s attitude weakens our position in the transfer. Nothing will surprise me Yolkie, they are such devious bastards!.

  5. I don’t know if I truly believe it’s a conspiracy or anything as strong as that, but something has stunk a little. We have had little or no praise for achieving a Premier League and Champions League double, that is the media’s responsibility.

    Totally agree with you that Ronaldo could have said he wanted to stay, but, to be fair, he had done twice already, and the media chose to ignore it.

    I do believe he wants to leave, I’m not living in denial, but the media have filled his head almost as much as Real have. The media could have made Ronaldo look an idiot for wanting to leave the European champions (as I’m sure they would do if it was, say, Essien or Fabregas).

  6. Thanks for the invite to the forum Stretford-end, but the GF is miffed that I give so much time to footie already, so it’s a matter of appeasement lol. Women eh?.

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