Could Manchester United Struggle next Season

Next seasons squad has the biggest influx of major players I can remember, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson, Rossi, Evans, Pique, Foster, Simpson, Bardsley and may be another striker and left back as well as a few sales.

Of course the idea is that we can ease the youngsters in for the next couple of seasons while Giggs and Scholes are coming to the end of their careers. However while that sounds great in theory in practice it may be much more difficult as players need games to gain their top form.

Also what system will we play? I have little doubt Fergie will play around with the players in different systems and different players.

Before RA arrived on the scene, sides perhaps could get away with this but with a rejuvenated Chelsea it could cost us the title next season but perhaps the Champions League and the FA cup with a more settled team for the following five years to follow after that.

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