Tevez is the Right Man

A number of supporters seemingly are questioning whether Fergie has made the right decision in going after Tevez. Claims have been made that he isn’t a natural main striker, he is too similar to Rooney, they will get in each others way, we will lack height up front and therefore limited the available options and teams may find it easier to defend against.

I confess I find these remarks puzzling and wonder how many people who are saying them are regular visitors to Old Trafford. United’s forward line is based on pace and fluid movement, some have labeled it total football one player moves in to the others position/space and the other takes his position. Moreover Giggs has often played either as the main striker or has played with Rooney with considerable success.

Both Rooney and Tevez can play as the main striker, or play in the hole or play wide, more than likely during every game they will play in all these positions as Ronaldo changes wings or moves inside, it must be at best very difficult to mark and at times impossible. When you have the attributes of Rooney Tevez Ronaldo Giggs (I wont say too much about Nani and Anderson just yet) they have the pace, skill, strength, vision, and work-rate to attack and make a system work.

Rooney and Tevez can work back and support the midfield if required and link the play, if we were talking about two Saha’s or Ruud van Nistlerooy’s I would accept they would struggle to play together but the same cannot apply to the above.

I am not saying the players will gel immediately, they will need time but what can stop them?

Tevez 3 Times South American player of the Season, he has demonstrated he has the ability to fight and pull a team up from the boot straps when it is playing poorly. The pace and physical nature of the premiership don’t worry him and he has adapted to different systems and the English weather.


Year Team Games Goals
01-04 Boca Juniors 75 25
05-06 Corinthians 38 25
06-07 West Ham 26 7
04 Argentina 35 7

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  1. Too many people in this country (perhaps, everywhere) have simplistic notions about how football teams can set up, tactically.

    Essentially, I believe that any combination of players, any formation, and any tactical set up can work, as long as the correct theory is behind the idea.

    There seems to be an obsession with using a 20 goal a season striker, despite the evidence to suggest that using a focal point to your attack can become predictable and prohibitive. Not least, at our own club, as much as I respect what Ruud gave to United.

  2. I personally believe Tevez and Rooney will be huge hits. They have everything a manager craves for, having a 20 goal a season striker is well and good, and while I did believe prior to the Tevez signing that not only would Fergie buy someone like Huntelaar, I also believed we required someone.

    Having Tevez in the side will ensure we will be playing scincillating football, whilst at the same time winning games in style. The team we play will be unmarkable in that in essence opposition teams cannot mark us, as which player would they be hounding down. Ronaldo? Rooney? Tevez? Or the new lads?

    Tevez is not just a goal scorer he is a creator and a match winner, someone who can do the unlikeliest of things just when its needed, create something from nothing, and then having someone like Rooney and Ronaldo adds to it, keeping the fans guessing as to what will happen next.

    I don’t believe we will be playing any targetman, but just 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2 with Hargreaves holding whilst everyone else attacks. Next season will be fantastic.

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