Two Former Manchester United Legends ‘Urge’ Solskjaer To Sign English Duo

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Manchester United’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might want to hear at his former teammates from the treble squad that won the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League during the 1998-99 season.

Two of the veteran members of that squad have talked about what Manchester United might need for the upcoming summer. The first one was Teddy Sheringham, who recommended a centre-back. His choice? Harry Maguire, who plays for Leicester City and also represents The Three Lions.

“I think Harry Maguire is the one for me. He’s got great leadership qualities, and has a real calming influence. He’s very similar to Rio Ferdinand, in that he’s cool on the ball and defends very well. That would be a fine start from my point of view,” the Treble winner told BetStars, via the Manchester Evening News.

The other player who spoke was Gary Neville. The former right-back was one of the best defenders in Europe back in his prime. Therefore, he knows a thing or two regarding who would fit nicely within the club. His choice? Crystal Palace’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

“He’s [Wan-Bissaka] a massive talent and the club, to be fair, have always signed young, emerging British talent,” Neville told the Evening Standard. “I don’t think that should change and it would seem to me that the club would like to go back down that route and he is one.”

Will Solskjaer listen to his former teammates? At least on paper, there’s no question he should. Maguire would automatically become the club’s top centre-back, while Wan-Bissaka would be an upgrade over the in-house options at right-back. Plus, both players have international experience since both represent England.

United would need almost €100 million to acquire both players. But adding both into the mix would upgrade the club’s defence enormously. And that should be a top priority for Solskjaer during the current transfer window.

Now let’s see if both Leicester and Palace want to do business for two of their top players.

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