The Crucial Month Awaits Manchester United

Here are the good news – the much dreaded international break is over. Okay, it was not all that bad. We watched England beat Spain at their turf, becoming the first team to do so in 15 years. We also watched Gibraltar win consecutive matches and also Germany continued their appalling form. But Manchester United in action is all we are waiting for.

That wait will come to an end this Saturday, as the Devils will travel to London. At Stamford Bridge, they will face Chelsea in a match that could set the tone for the next month. Manchester United currently sit in eighth position, with just 13 points after eight games. The top is seven points away, the Champions League spots are five. Also, Man United have a negative goal difference and that really tells a story.

Consider the teams the Devils will have to face between the two international breaks and you will realise why this month is so crucial for Jose Mourinho and his players. After Chelsea, Man United will host Juventus in Champions League and then Everton the following weekend. After that, it is Bournemouth, Juventus and Manchester City away, before the November international break kicks in. That is some run of matches.

A Bad Month Could Lead To Chaos

Manchester United fans are currently not in a situation where they can expect their team will win every game. Simply, the team is far from that. So, what if Man United lose the next two games, for example? It is possible. Chelsea are playing some brilliant football since Maurizio Sarri came from Italy, Jorginho is making them tick and Eden Hazard seems to almost be in form of his life. Juventus, on the other hand, have perfect start of the season, winning every game they played and with Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo Bonucci, they are even stronger than 12 months ago.

What would the potential losses lead to? Honestly, who knows how the things would have unfolded if there was no comeback against Newcastle in the last match before this break. Man United always seem so close to chaos, with everything that has been going this year. Since the start of this season, that feeling is even more intensified.

Would Mourinho get sacked in such scenario? Or would there be some more of his antics, even more negative than those before, creating enemies in the dressing room? It could all get incredibly toxic and where would that leave Man United? If this month is played out the way the previous one was – then this season could truly be lost.

Start Winning And Change Things Around

If Man United actually beat Chelsea and Juventus – or go on to have a good month with some important wins over big rivals – then there would be enough potential for things to change. Ed Woodward could be persuaded that Mourinho has everything under control, the players would trust the manager more than they do now and there could be more investment in the team this January.

Because, what else would Woodward need to see rather than Man United beating teams like Man City, Juventus or Chelsea in the span of a single month?

A crucial month awaits the club. Let’s see where will it lead us to.

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