Manchester United Should Rotate More Against Brighton And West Ham

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Manchester United look quite safe in the second place of the Premier League standings. They have a three-point lead over Liverpool with a game in hand and they look set to finish runners-up. This means Jose Mourinho should rotate more in the run-in, giving rest to some of his key players ahead of the final match of the season.

That match, of course, will be on 19 May against Chelsea in FA Cup final. The manager himself already showed last season that might be a good thing to do, as he rested his key men for the Europa League matches, before winning the competition against Ajax in Stockholm.

The games awaiting Manchester United are two travels to the south. First, on Friday, Man United will visit Brighton and Hove Albion, before hitting the road again, but this time towards the capital. West Ham United will host the Devils on 10 May. These matches should really be an opportunity for the players that did not get as much playing time.

Scott McTominay

Ahead of all, Scott McTominay should be in that group of players. The young Scotsman has been given the Manager’s Player of the Season Award on Tuesday, as Jose Mourinho claimed it would be unacceptable for the player to leave without an award. McTominay really had some glowing moments this season, featuring in 22 appearances across all competitions.

However, since his debut for Scotland, McTominay barely played for United. If you could call that playing at all, as McTominay featured in a total of six minutes of play against Swansea and Manchester City. That is why he should be high on the list of priorities to start these matches and give rest to some other players.

Also, it would be a good chance for him to continue learning. He made just five starts in Premier League this term and with another two, he would be close to playing in 600 league minutes on the pitch.

Victor Lindelof

Victor Lindelof is another player that should be given more chance. Yes, he has played far more than McTominay had so far, but the Swede is here to stay and Mourinho should test him once again. Maybe these matches will not be of high intensity or big risk towards the final standings, but playing time is still playing time.

Lindelof had some decent and some not so good moments this season, but should be expected to be at his best next term. This was a learning curve for him and that curve should be bigger with more playing time. He has been getting used to a tougher league and bigger club and things should only get better for him.

Angel Gomes

Angel Gomes is still just 17, but there is no reason for Jose Mourinho not to give the youngster some cameo roles in these two matches. Yes, Manchester United still want to win all the matches ahead, but what is the worst that could happen if they put on a teenager with plenty of talents.

The Portuguese player would profit from the big stage, as he only featured once for the first time in an FA Cup game. He could get a taste of the Premier League and, most importantly, get a huge incentive for the future and the years to come.

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  1. Fair enough. The call would be for Brighton to do the same of they did not need the point(s)

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