Four Mistakes Manchester United Should Avoid This Summer

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Manchester United are getting closer to the end of the season, when the work for the next will truly start. Planning for the 2018-19 season is already in full swing at Old Trafford, but the things will start rolling once the current season ends. That means plenty of work in the transfer market will be done, as Manchester United need to change personnel in certain areas of the pitch.

Here are some things the club should try and avoid. It does not necessarily mean all of these things will go wrong if they occur, but right now they do not look like something that will bring enough prosperity to the club.

Not Changing Enough

Manchester United need some changes. Yes, the team has improved compared to the last season. Yes, the performances have been better and less dull. However, things can and must be even better and club must strive towards the top in every competition they compete in. Performances have been less dull, but have not been too exciting either for a bigger part of the season.

The Devils need to freshen things up in defence, both in central and full-back areas. Central midfield certainly needs improving, as Michael Carrick is retiring and Marouane Fellaini is getting closer to leaving the club.

Buying Richarlison

The latest rumours spreading around are that Manchester United are interested in the Brazilian. Richarlison has been playing his first Premier League season at Watford and he does not look like someone that is ready to go to Manchester United. He has been doing great in the first part of the season, but has also gone missing in 2018.

His performances were never at the level of this club and several very good displays should not be enough for a player to become a big signing at such a big club. Man United cannot wait for him to eventually develop into a great player – if he does – and this would be a mistake. In the end, this is just a rumour.

Selling Anthony Martial

Things are clear here. Manchester United cannot afford to lose Anthony Martial. Of course, there is a prospect of earning nicely, but is that truly necessary? First the other clubs will use that to try and milk the money out of United in their search for a replacement, while on the other hand, the club is not really reliant on getting money from selling young players.

Martial should stay at the club and get a bigger role next season. He has shown some promising signs this term and the team should be built around him and Paul Pogba. They are the players for the future and United need to show some proper planning for the years to come.

Spending Too Much On Few Players

That was something that happened in summer of 2017. United signed Lindelof, Matic and Lukaku and had spent huge sum of money. This time, things should be different. If the club is really to strengthen in all the areas previously mentioned, then a bigger number of players will be a necessity.

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