Talking Tactics: What Can Romelu Lukaku Bring To Manchester United?

Manchester United finally have the striker they have been looking for.

Everything started as a report, but then the potential signing evolved into a real possibility. And the club confirmed the deal this Saturday. Everton accepted Manchester United’s offer for Romelu Lukaku, so the Belgian international will join the Old Trafford outfit in the coming days.

Both sides still need to agree on personal terms. And Lukaku needs to undergo a medical as well in LA, where the club is based for their U.S Preseason Tour. But Lukaku is a Red Devil, and there is no question his arrival could transform United into a Premier League title contender as soon as next season.

Where Does He Fit?

Anyone who has seen Lukaku play know his best role is the striker one. The former Everton star thrives playing between the centre backs, and there is no question he will fill the same role on United. Even though Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial remain on the roster, Lukaku represents a big upgrade over both of them. And in fact, Lukaku will join the team as a direct replacement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Belgian adds a different dimension to the side, and that is what we will analyse now.

Lukaku and Zlatan have different abilities, so we might see a change on how the team plays. Zlatan had the ability to drop deep and help in the build-up of plays. But do not expect to see Lukaku doing that. If anything, the former Anderlecht product will create spaces in the final third. He can move around the box pushing the centre backs out of their comfort zone.

How Much Can He Produce?

It only takes a quick look to Lukaku’s numbers to see how good he is. He is coming off a 25-goal season with Everton in 2016-17. And he has 85 goals and 34 assists in 186 EPL matches for both Everton and West Bromwich Albion.

Of course, playing for Everton is not the same as playing for Manchester United. The spotlights at Goodison Park are different than the ones at Old Trafford, and there will be an adjustment period for the forward. But if he is assisted properly, then Lukaku could easily become the Premier League’s top scorer as soon as next season.

A Perfect Signing At A Perfect Time

The best thing is that Lukaku is only 24 years old. This means he is several years away from hitting his prime. If he can contribute with 15-20 goals right now, it is a joy to imagine how good he will be in a few more years.

In short, United are getting a player who can be useful for both the present and the future. A proven goalscorer, and one who can turn the team into an immediate contender. This is exactly the type of player the club needed to solidify their position as a top team for years to come.

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