Vidic nominated for award but incredibly Nani is overlooked


AUTHOR: – Doron

As the season comes towards its conclusion, the players who have starred are rewarded for their individual brilliance. The nominees for the PFA Player of the Year award and the PFA Young Player of the Year award have been named. United have interest in both categories but you may be surprised a tad surprised…

United captain Nemanja Vidic has deservedly been recognised as one of the six top performers in the league this year and has been nominated for the PFA Player of the Year award. Vidic is joined by Bale (Spurs), Adam (Blackpool), Tevez (Man City), Nasri (Arsenal) and Parker (West Ham). Incredibly, Nani, the league’s leading assister (16 assists) and leading goalscoring winger (9 goals) has been overlooked in this category despite being deemed a favourite for the award and having the backing of Rio Ferdinand.

Nani has though been nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year award which in itself is amusing given that he’s 24. He’s joined by Hart (Man City), Bale (Spurs), Nasri (Arsenal), Wilshere (Arsenal) and Coleman (Everton). However given that two of those players feature in the main category, Nani is far from the favourite for this award too.

This blog analysed Nani’s season recently and suggested he would be a good candidate for player of the year. Personally, I am stunned by his omission, particularly given that Bale despite being excellent in Europe has been nothing more than average in the league this year. Do you think Nani has been harshly overlooked and why?

AUTHOR: – Doron

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13 Comments on Vidic nominated for award but incredibly Nani is overlooked

  1. Thats because he is a foreigner and he plays for US !!
    Again the PFA is voted by fellow professionals..and he doesnt have many fans in the other teams cos of his past.
    Son, go win the league for us !!

  2. Has Nani been harshly overlooked? Yes

    Why? b/c FA hate manchter united … and trying to harm them and their players in anyways …
    i hope nani keep his magnaficet display of skill to the end and got awarded from europa

  3. Its really comical to see Bale in there and not Nani. Bale has been so average and man marked out of games time and again while Nani has been terrorizing full backs for fun and taking them to the cleaners. No wonder we see him trying to be a bit selfish at times, he feels the need to be noticed and deserves recognition but is being completely unfairly overlooked, in comparison to media darlings like Bale.

  4. Nani should not just be nominated but one of the front runners to win it IMO.
    His form in the last calender year has been on another level, especially when some of the usual suspects like Gerrard & Lampard have been out.
    This is voted for by his fellow pros and maybesome of his theatrics have caught up with him.

  5. Yes, Nani has terrorized opposing defenders, but perhaps he has not offered to swap shirts after matches? Or had he humiliated these thin-skinned defenders in doing so. For me he’s the PFA POTY 2010/11.

  6. @ mansour: The FA have nothing to do with this.

    Also, not to drag this into entirely a different argument altogether, the FA doesn’t hate United. ¬_¬

  7. hes a been better than any wide player this season, also wheres berbatov, 2 hattricks and 20 goals are not less, also tevez has scored about 5 of his 19 goals as penalties, injustice done..

    Also is Seamus Coleman better than Hernandez? Hernandez has been a top performer, should have atleast been nominated..

  8. Bale hasn’t even been the best player at spurs, 7 goals and 1 assist from the wing compared to Nani’s 9 goals and 16 assists.. to try and give a reason for the omission of Nani from the overall PFA player of the year is difficult. The choices are made by the players themselves, its a personal thing. The fact that Nani plays for united would mean that he would have to make 10 time the assists of others to be recognized, (hold on, he did)!!!!!! beats me. but i’m sure to be part of the united team to lift the 19th title and most likely get the United player of the year he’ll settle for that. I just hope to see Nani continue the way he is going and sooner or later just like Ronaldo people can no longer turn a blind eye to consistent performances.

  9. Nani has had a very good season but as I’ve said many times, there are still aspects of his game I hate.

    I’d go for Tevez. He has had a superb season and is wonderful to watch great skill, great energy and drive, stands out but is also a great team player. When he doesn’t play City struggle.

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