Manchester United 0-0 Rangers Match Report

Valencia injured

Manchester United 0-0 Rangers

A dull Champions League opening day disappointing stalemate was surpassed by the heartbreak of Antonio Valencia’s terrible injury. Glasgow Rangers not only parked the team bus but also that of the supporters’ as they demonstrated the most remarkable lack of intent and ambition – showing far less integrity for the competition than Sir Alex Ferguson’s ten changes for the hosts did.

A 0-0 scoreline was almost inevitable after just 20 minutes of this fixture; United’s Scottish opponents were always intent on leaving with that scoreline, so their line-up, which at times resembled something like 6-3-1 was never going to seriously be tested by the Red Devils. This was despite Fergie bringing in the inexperienced faces of Chris Smalling, Fabio, Javier Hernandez, and the still tactically naïve Darron Gibson – a side that should have given any visitors encouragement to at least launch one or two purposeful forays into the opposition half, but the Scottish champions were clearly not interested in taking part.

Chicharito had an early header wide and then was unfortunate to get onto the end of clever Rooney work, though the hosts then saw their chances restricted mainly to over 20 yards. Gibson saw a number of ambitious and largely ridiculous efforts from long range go wide and over, with only one even testing the keeper. Rangers keeper Allan McGregor’s booking for time wasting – before half time! – were a clear statement about their intention from this game.

The only chances even worth noting in the second period were two Gibson long range shots that were nothing like serious chances, leaving Antonio Valencia’s sickening injury on the hour mark the unfortunate headline of this drab game. Valencia’s injury looked like a clean break; after such an impressive debut season, this is a hugely heartbreaking setback.

0-0, in any light, is a bad result; though neither side can really emerge from this game with credit. United at least attacked with intent; Rangers may well be content with their result – what they did, to their credit, they did well – but their performances will have to be far more imaginative if they want to progress in any of the European competitions this year.

Ratings : Kuzsczak 6, Brown 6, Ferdinand 6, Smalling 7, Fabio 6 (Evans), Valencia 6 (Giggs 6), *Gibson 7, Fletcher 6, Park 5 (Owen), Rooney 6, Hernandez 5

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3 Responses to “Manchester United 0-0 Rangers Match Report”

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  2. NitshillBear says:

    Blaming Rangers for defending away to Man Utd is pathetic. If Utd were half the team we’re led to believe they are they would have had enough to break down a stubborn Rangers defence. The fact is Rangers defended brilliantly, and constantly passed their way out of danger. They closed Utd down and gave them no space. This match report reads like sour grapes in the extreme.

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  3. Ian says:

    I don’t think United did enough for Rangers to be called brilliant, and often it was just a wall of players and determination rather than any real organisation but I don’t take too much from them because a point was their most realistic chance, as was the gameplan they executed.

    Teams come to OT all the time and try to shut United down but we only care when we struggle to find a way through.

    I know we’ve got a big game coming up but that midfield was never going to be smart enough to get through what was always, always going to be a packed Rangers defence. A few passes that might have come off on another night but ultimately I thought all too often we looked like we just didn’t have enough ideas for how to prise Rangers open.

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  4. [...] sympathy goes out to Antonio Valencia after suffering a horrific injury in yesterday’s match against Rangers. It is being reported that Valencia suffered both a dislocated ankle and a broken leg; an injury [...]

  5. Andi Thomas says:

    Largely agree with your report, though I also thought Park was unusually ineffective in possession. Also, I think the MacGregor booking was for attempting to take a goal kick from the wrong side of the six-yard box; quite what the ref was thinking is anyone’s guess.

    A frustrating game, but one that should make little if no difference to the outcome of the group. And, if we win Sunday, all will be forgiven.

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  7. [...] think there will be eight changes from the team that drew with Rangers. Only Fletcher, Rooney and Ferdinand will remain. I include Ferdinand from the start despite him [...]

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