1 September 2010 | Stretty Stories

The transfer window has finally closed! That should mean that news should slow down, but let’s recap all the news following deadline day. Van der Sar admits he has no intentions of retiring and The Daily Mail rates clubs’ transfers.

Van der Sar still has no plans to retire – The Daily Telegraph

Always good news. Just when I think one of our aging stars is in his last season, they somehow manage to prove me wrong. I thought this may be Scholes’ last season, but he’s been in miraculous form. Now Edwin van der Sar is moving to quash rumors of his impending retirement. The Dutch goalkeeper has already surpassed his expectations for how long his career would last, and now he thinks he has more to give to Manchester United. Van der Sar has proved ever-reliable between the posts, and I am certainly glad to hear the end is not yet in his sights.

Club-by-club verdict of the transfer window – The Daily Mail

This article analyzes all 20 clubs’ transfer dealings this summer, but I’m only going to focus on Manchester United. The Daily Mail has classified Javier Hernandez as our best deal, while stating they’re sorry to see Ben Foster go. I would actually agree with The Daily Mail for the first time in my life. Javier Hernandez is obviously incredible value. He’s already showing his ability and we managed to get him for cheap when he was still an unknown thanks to our scouting team. Meanwhile, Foster was widely believed to have a lot of potential, but this summer he departed from Old Trafford. I think from what he showed last season while deputizing for van der Sar, I don’t think he was ever going to be first-choice material at Old Trafford. I think, in the end, we had a very successful transfer window.

Quote of the Day: This one come from my roommate freshman year. He is a Manchester City supporter, and this is what he said about Robinho’s departure to AC Milan: “It’s like curing cancer!”

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